Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Marcellus Turns 1!

Keele Street Public School Fun Fair: 2016 = AWESOME.

These photos make me smile. This group has become family to me. And they are all ridiculously cute. :)

The kids pose, while waiting in line for their wrist bands. They are ready for a fun time together!

It takes some concentration, at a young age, to master the thumbs up sign.

The kids started off with the bouncy castle, and then moved on to some in-school activities. This one below, which looks like Musical Chairs, is actually called the "Cupcake Walk". Music plays while the kids circle around the chairs. When the music stops, every child needs to sit on a chair. However, there are enough for all. (I have also shied away from the traditional Musical Chairs at the daycare. I am absolutely positive it would turn violent.) A number is drawn, and the child sitting on the chair with that number wins a cupcake.

None of our kids won a cupcake; not for any of the five times they stubbornly demanded to stay and play the game. They were convinced that one of them would win, and then they could then share a cupcake. Eventually, we had to drag them away so that we could enjoy the other activities at the fair. No one was more bothered by this loss than Noah, who is by nature uber-competitive.

But...the "dance party" room, as my kids call it, cheered him right up, especially because it is run by his favourite teacher, Mr. Simone.

We played some other indoor games. Here, Tom throws a ball to knock over a stack of cans. With each activity the children participated in, they got a sticker on their wrist band. Five stickers earned them a prize, which they could choose, themselves, in the library. Even though the prizes were just hand-me-down toys, the kids loved it. It is exciting for a kid to "buy" something of their choice.

Amadea and Thomas enjoyed the face-painting. Actually, this is what Thomas was most excited to do.

He was pleased that I found his spider scary.

If I could figure out how to put a string of hearts to communicate my feelings about the photo below, I would. Look how big and handsome he has become! From a little 1-year-old baby that used to peek out from my curtains and say "Pee-pee-o" before he could enunciate "peek-a-boo", he has come so far! He's cool. He's smart as a whip. He's kind. He's funny. And let's not forget, handsome. He's awesome!!

You bet I'll be looking through these photos when I'm a little old lady, and finding such joy from them! These are priceless.

Life is ALWAYS better with ice cream.

Leila had gotten one, but she's in that lovely stage that some kids go through, where she takes a few licks, and then announces, "I'm done". I can't deny that I have been happy to hear these words, and finish her ice cream for her, on more than one occasion (and yes, even after having had my own. Ice cream is my fave.)

We hit the new splash pad at High Park, for the first time, on Friday.

Only Dea and Noah were brave enough to go in, but we had predicted this. Actually, it wasn't even that hot outside, so it wasn't that tempting for most of us.

Amadea did some exploring in the bushes, by the back of the playground, with some new friends (not pictured).

Leila joined Noah, who had also made some new friends.

I love Drew's laugh so much. It is very similar to his big bro, Tom's. And I just had to get that laugh on video, for everyone to share.

Marcellus LOVES playing with any kind of large ball he can find. Often, he carries around this beach ball. Other times, he finds one of our soccer balls in the closet and walks around our apartment with it. I'm thinking rugby or football may be in his future. ;)

Drew signals the beginning of a ball game with Marcellus.

Marcellus turns and heads to the south side of the field, away from his opponent.

Sensing the takeover, Marcellus makes a final attempt by picking the ball and holding on tight.

He turns and heads north field, but in a strategic move, Drew pops the ball out of his hands from behind. A good play by Drew.

Drew is now in possession of the ball, and Marcellus resorts to his old movement style of crawling from 2 weeks ago, to see if it will prove to be a faster mode of travel.

Drewbie turns back, taunting his opponent...

Marcellus resumes his initial strategy of walking, but it looks like this is a win for team Drew. Well played, boys.

Really though, I think Drew is the best little soccer player I have seen! He is very good at dribbling the ball. He does it around the apartment all the time. I had no idea a 16-month old could get such skills, so early! Must be all the soccer practices he saw his big bro participating in. He was watching! I tried a game against him. He's a tough match!

And then this happened in the wagon. 

In the pic below, I swear that Drew pinched Leila's nose, and said "beep". I remember Thomas doing this with his parents way back when he was this age.

The girls made a couple of new friend in the park. One girl, not pictured, was instructing these 3, as if it were some sort of gym class. They were eerily following all of her instructions. On the left is Katie, the little sister of David, who attended the daycare last summer. Man, is she adorable! She's dressed up as Sheriff Callie here.

So THIS is what I discovered when Maryam awoke from her nap the other day: two Hello Kitties, and a Mickey Mouse, all nicely tucked in, with Maryam at the other end of the crib.

We all found it quite funny. I left HER tucked in nicely, but she's obviously up to things when I leave the room. Noah thought it was particularly funny and said, "It's like she sacrificed herself for them." Oh Maryam, we love you!

Amadea requests to be in photos. This is a cute one!

Marcellus turned 1 year old!

We made cupcakes for him and sang Happy Birthday.

He was the least enthused one of the bunch! Haha. Oh well. Poor guy is battling a cold, which is not fun, especially on your special day.

There's a lot going on here...

Do you like the icing, Maryam? :)

Pretty sure she was up to no good here, because as I was going to take this photo, she turned around and walked calmly back to her own chair. She's a sneaky one!

Drew = Drewbalicious. He loved the lasagna. He loved the cupcake. I have more photos to add from other days this week, but I'm going to have to wrap this blog post up for now. Happy birthday, Marcellus!

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