Daycare Activities

The daily routine includes: 
  • morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack (light) and dinner 
    • Children are read to during all meals
    • Brief phonics lesson before reading at morning snack and lunch (sounding out 3-letter words together)
  • circle time (music) (3 days a week)
  • nap time
  • outdoor play
  • free play
  • set times for diaper changes (and, of course, as needed)
  • educational activities facilitated by caregiver

Facilitated Activities: (varies from day to day):
  • painting (regular and finger painting)
  • play dough
  • colouring/drawing
  • blocks
  • gluing
  • story time (extra reading not done at meal times)
  • dress-up
  • board and peg puzzles
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • tents 
  • alphabet wall
  • number line
  • colour sorting
  • beading
  • games (Animal Dominoes and Animal Nose-Matching)
  • shape matching
  • building train tracks