Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Angels

The daycare is up and running again, after a wonderful holiday. However, with the deep freeze that Toronto was experiencing, we have been stuck inside for two whole days! Minus 25 degree or more with the wind chill is just not okay to trek out in if we don't have to. And since Noah and B. are not yet back at school, we have had the luxury of avoiding it.

Let's go back over the past month or so, when we had delightful winter weather, in comparison. Oh look, here the kids didn't even need their hats and mitts on! Ahhhh....memories.

Here are some of the kids (and one of Noah's school friends) in the playground tunnel. Leila and Amadea are really getting into this tunnel!

But it got REALLY fun when the snow began to accumulate, and we were able to play in the winter wonderland, in balmy near zero temperatures. 

We met Noah and B. at school each day, with our huge toboggan in tow. It is able to fit 4 kids! Leila and Amadea enjoyed being pulled around in it, while the bigger kids (Thomas now included in this group) were more interested in riding it down the hill.

The next day, we also brought our "magic carpets" to supplement the toboggan. I have had these for years, and they were the biggest thing back in the day, but I'm wondering if they are even sold anymore? They are basically single rider sheets that are super easy to transport, since they roll up and weigh next to nothing.

Thomas and Riley eventually tired of the sledding and preferred to play in the snow. We made snow angels and followed each other's foot prints. But what they seemed to enjoy above all was playing house. We made low snow walls (we lacked the required amount of snow, attention spans and time for something more ambitious) with a small opening for the front door. We called the front room the living room, and we got as far as a hallway and a bedroom.

The two babies have not yet developed a love for the snow, and usually go for a walk instead, with my assistant. The older boys usually prefer to continue sledding with their school friends. This snowman, however, was a group effort (well, sans babies), and they were quite proud of their creation!

Swinging in the snow was another delight!

They are all into underdoggies, swing hugs (where I grab hold of them when they swing forward, hug them, and let 'em go), and a little game where I give them a push and say good-bye, and pretend to be annoyed when they keep coming back.

Winter, so far at the daycare, has been a blast. We just can't get enough of the snow. It's so pretty and fun, at least when the temperatures are reasonable.

During our indoor time, the kids completed many holiday crafts.

They made sock snowmen, paper plate wreaths, paper stockings, Santa Claus masks and 3D Christmas trees.

They also decorated my wall with beautiful snow paintings.

For Hannukah, we made a menorah out of a paper plate, a paper towel roll, a toilet paper roll, straws, and construction paper. The kids loved singing our Hannukah song which was sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

B.'s mom bought us a gingerbread house, which we also had great fun decorating and tasting.

Usually Noah and I make sugar cookies and decorate them on Christmas Eve. This year we decided to include the daycare kids in our super-fun tradition. As usual, the kids have a knack for making delicious cookies!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy new year to you all!