Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daycare Dramas

Let the cold and flu season begin. Some of the kids (including Noah) were sick last week. During a very teachable moment, the kids stood riveted as I rinsed puke out of blankets in the bathtub. I felt so bad for the sickies and tried to give them extra attention whenever I could. They were able to talk about who was sick, and even tried to care for one another (at least to some degree).
For example, when M. was sick, Noah sat beside her on the couch and beautifully sang "Let's Go Fly a Kite" for her.
Then, her caring brother held the sippy cup for her so she could take in some fluids without lifting a finger! 

My mother gave Noah some more hand-me-down toys. One of the items was a musical mat. The kids had a blast dancing on it, and surprisingly did not hurt each other! (yet!)

After their aerobics workout, Noah and Aidas switched gears and started a toddler yoga class.
 They soon gained many followers. The downward-dogs I witnessed were almost perfect in form....except for the head on the ground part.

They are also enjoying playing with the alphabet wall. I remember when Noah and Aidas only ripped the letters OFF the wall! 

I now have two walkers, and may enlist a third due to the bulkiness of snowsuits and boots. Noah and L. know to stand directly against the wall as soon as we get outside, so that they are safe while we finish putting everyone's hats and mitts on. We are all trying to adjust to the winter routine. I put on M. & L.'s hats on last since they seem to get over-heated more quickly than the others. While playing outside, there have been numerous mishaps like slipping in the snow, getting snow on the skin, and mittens falling off. They mostly enjoy their outside time despite this. Nobody likes outdoor time as much as B., though! He would stay out there all day if he could!
Here they are, all staring in awe at the garbage truck (which is difficult to see in this pic). Later, at the lunch table, this was THE topic of discussion. It's a very exciting world out there!


  1. That is so cute...a bunch of two year olds talking trash over lunch!

    My cousin taught my little guy downward-facing-dog, warrior and tree(?) (that's what she called it) when he was 15 mos. He loved it and it was amazing to see how easily he could move from one pose to another.

    Thanks for sharing this fun day (minus the illness)

  2. Wow, warrior is pretty hard, isn't it? I'd better slow the kids down, lest they reach self-actualization before I do!

    Thanks for the comment!