Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They Come in Colours Everywhere

Before I begin with the news, please note that I have recently (within the past month) updated the 'Menu', 'Schedule', and 'Discipline Policy' pages of my website.   
Now, on with the cuteness! We did the colour gluing activity again last week; this time using cut-outs with the colour red. The kids are starting to get the hang of how to use a glue stick. We have hung the red and yellow collages in the dining room and often refer to them during meals or snack time. 
We also did some colour sorting with the coloured bowls and vehicles. For the first 2 minutes, I kept hold of the vehicles, giving them one at a time. I showed them how to match the colour to the bowls. However, they were so excited to get their hands on the vehicles and play 'in their own way', that I quickly felt guilty for withholding them and handed them over. They really love just filling the bowls and emptying the bowls, or pouring the vehicles from one bowl into another.
The kids were ravenous for more colours during our finger painting activity. Noah kept asking for more paint, even though he had an untouched glob of each colour already on his paper. I finally quickly helped him paint hand-over-hand, just so that his painting would actually dry, and I could hang it on the wall. He looked at me as if I had violated him. He really doesn't seem to like the feeling of paint on his hands. I was very happy that he at least participated to some extent this time, though! 

While the other kids dabbled in the activity, Aidas and L. dove right in, producing 3 paintings each! Doesn't the following picture say it all? You know you had fun painting when....

All of their paintings turned out beautifully. It means so much to them to see their paintings up on the wall. They are so proud of their work. It is also helping each of them to recognize their names. When we read books at snack time, we often talk about letters, and whose name starts with which letter. Most of them know which painting is theirs by looking at the beginning letter of each name on the paintings. (Thank goodness their names all start with different letters!) Some of them can tell me exactly whose painting is whose, for the entire group!

Our dress-up bin has always included some leftover party hats and paper plates from Noah's 2nd birthday party. The newest fad is to turn the empty dress-up bin upside down, use it as a table, and pretend that we are at a birthday party. The kids are so into it that Noah and I bought some new hats from the Dollar Store this week, to replenish the supply. We also added some plastic knives, forks and spoons to the collection. 

The kids are starting to take a very small part, now and then, in cooking. Noah woke up early from nap one day last week while I was in the middle of making broccoli macaroni and cheese. He was happy to help pour the milk into the dish before I popped it in the oven.
Today the kids helped with their pizza dinner. They took turns spreading tomato sauce on the dough with a spoon. Then, I gave them each a little bowl of cut up broccoli and they took turns sprinkling it over the sauce...and eating a little here and there, of course! I was wiser with the cheese, and held onto the bowl so they wouldn't spoil their appetite for dinner, though I did sprinkle a little in each of their bowls as a treat. It turned out to be the most delicious homemade pizza I've ever served at the daycare! Go figure!

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