Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Childhood Changes

Here are some cute photos taken before we headed outside one day. I didn't even ask them to pose, so when they all lined up beside the baby, I had to take advantage of it! And why take one photo when you can take 3 or 4?

They are still into climbing on anything I'll let them. Recently, with the arrival of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I have been commentating  on these team "balance beam walks". Noah, always the showman, doesn't give me a moment's rest, and prompts me to continue talking, by informing me "The Olympics are still on, mommy".

And here are the astronauts ready for take-off. There was quite the uproar when Aidas had seized the one and only laundry hamper lid as his helmet. Peace was restored once the kids realized they could use the pretend grocery bins as helmets. I thought this scene was unbelievably cute! (The take-off, not the uproar.)

We helped Sammy celebrate his 3rd birthday on July 30th. Even though he is quite a bit younger than the other boys, he has fit in so well with the group. It's hard to believe he will only be here for a couple more weeks. We like having him around!

Speaking of kids leaving...Aidas will be leaving the daycare as of September. His mother and I are both in denial, but alas, it's true; it's the end of the "Aidas Era" in the daycare.  He was the very first child to attend the daycare, and is practically family now! I am very happy that, unlike Maya and Lucas, he is not leaving the country. He will still be in the neighbourhood and we will absolutely organize many play dates! Also, I'm excited for Aidas to have a bit of change. I think his teachers and classmates, as well as those at his new daycare, will adore him.

Until the end of the summer, I'm going to enjoy this special little group I have. These are really precious times.

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