Monday, August 26, 2013

Thomas Turns 2

We had a big bash for Thomas the day before he turned 2. The rest of the kids (minus Leila) and I had made a chocolate cake for him the day before. He approved. I know this because he goes to his happy place whenever he's really enjoying his food, and this time I couldn't even get a smile from him for a picture because he was completely in his 'zone'. :)

His gift was just slightly over the top, but my assistant and I had gone in on it together, and it just seemed like the perfect thing for him. He didn't really know what to do with it at first...

So, we brought in our team to help him out!

Once uncovered, he could see it was a basket-ball and net. (adjustable to different heights, so it should last him a while).

I was so thankful that my assistant was there, because there is no way I could have put it together without some help managing the kids and cleaning up after the cake! The kids, though desperately wanting to help, were kept safely away from the hammer, and we quickly got it up and running!

Of course the box is also fun.....

Perhaps more fun....

It was great for Thomas when the other kids started playing in the cardboard box. Finally he had his new present to himself! (He was actually getting little time with his own gift before this.)

He's a star for sure! Happy birthday, Thomas! We all LOVE your sweet little soul!

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