Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Grenedier Pond

One day, after we picked the boys up from school, we went on a special adventure: to Grenedier Pond!

Amadea passed out in the wagon, so we carefully lay her down and let her sleep through all the excitement.

We have been blessed, for much of September, with absolutely beautiful weather. This day was one of those days. Idyllic.

We walked to the north end of the pond, past the weeping willows.

We were on a mission to see the swans. Then we spotted them at the other side of the pond.

The kids were able to get nice and close to the ducks.

The ducks became very interested in the lunch/snacks the kids were having, so we decided to share some.

Guess who suddenly preferred our side of the pond? The swans. (We were told it was a mother and her baby.) So we decided to share our snacks with them too. There was no fighting amongst the ducks and the swans. It was a perfectly peaceful activity for us all (and trust me, those are rare).

We followed the path back, the way we had come, looking at the wildlife along the way.

Amadea woke up just in time for our departure, happy as pie.

Riley is such a cute little character. She wore this mask for the entire day! I just love her ways.

Oh, and here are some more cute characters. Thank goodness Noah agreed to get out of the wagon for the walk up the big hill! It was a beautiful outing. We are one lucky gang!

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