Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Outdoor Fall Activities for 2-year-olds

  • Give the kids little rakes and show them how to rake leaves into a pile.
  • Rake leaves quickly into a pile, and show them how to jump in!
  • Leaves are something that they can throw. Show them how to throw them up in the air so that it's "raining leaves".
  • Bury your (or the child's) feet under leaves. Ask all the children to find your feet. (Makes it more fun for them if you look worried about where your feet went!)
  • Show the kids how to hide. Run behind a tree and ask them to find you. It doesn't matter if they saw you hide, they still enjoy coming to find you!
  • Hide a small pumpkin in the leaves. Again, it doesn't matter if they see you hide it, they still enjoy uncovering it. (Actually, they would likely give up if they didn't know where you hid it. At this young age, ensuring their success is paramount.)
  • Ask them to find an orange leaf, a yellow leaf or a red leaf. These guys also enjoyed looking up at the treetops to talk about colours. Aidas kept pointing up to the treetops against the blue sky and saying "It's booful" after hearing me comment on the beauty. I dare say that lying down in the leaves and looking up is also an enjoyable activity. (I believe it's a child's right to get dirty while playing outside!)
  • Give a squirrel a tiny piece of your snack, just so the children can see one close up.

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