Wednesday, May 21, 2014

High Park Cherry Blossom Field Trip

 So, we went on an adventure to see the Cherry Blossoms at High Park last week. We kept referring to our destination as "the magical forest", which it really does feel like when the cherry blossoms are at their prime. The whole way there, Riley and Thomas kept pointing at trees and saying, "Is this the magical forest, Charla?" It was the cutest thing. We were probably a day before the best viewing time, but since Thursday and Friday were not pleasant days, I'd say we picked the best day!

We quickly moved on, however, to see the swan's nest.

 The children got to see it up close. I have personally never seen an amazing thing like this from such a close distance. We were all in awe. It wasn't long, though, until the children took an even bigger interest in the ducks swimming around the swan's nest. In the picture below, the kids have followed the ducks along the bank to get a better look at them. Leila though, I think, is still in awe of the swans. :)

 Here is a rare event, where I got to join the children for a photograph!

We sauntered back home, still in time for naps. I couldn't believe that Amadea stayed awake for this entire trip!

I am adding these random pictures below to the post because....well....I couldn't not add them!

This picture of Amadea is probably my all-time favourite of her. So beautiful.

Oh, and my apologies for how out of date this one is, but it must be posted. Aren't the big kids so great, pushing the little guys in the swings? Also, I get a good laugh when I look at Amadea and the rice cake hanging out of her mouth. It is especially funny to me because these kids are ALWAYS eating when we are outside! They have bottomless stomachs!

And here is Noah and a little butterfly doing Lego. (Oops, I can almost hear her now, saying "They're not butterfly wings Charla. They're fairy wings.)

The two pictures below were taken in a rare moment when the kids were all relaxing on the couch together. They were listening to the Lion King audio cd, and Noah is following along in the book.

Here are Riley and Thomas on one of our many hiking trips behind Lithuania Park. They always ask me to photograph them sitting on this same log. :)

We had a wonderful visit from one of our alumni, Oscar. He and Thomas were very good buddies back in the day. It was nice for them to reconnect!

Behold the window washer: aka Spiderman. You don't see this every day, folks. 

And finally, this picture I took today just melted my heart! You're welcome for making your day. ;)

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