Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Angels

The kids helped me scoop out the inside of a pumpkin last week. Alright, I basically did it myself while they watched, but they were there for moral support. ;) They were just too grossed out with the goo. I carved a simple face on each side of the pumpkin, and we roasted and ate the pumpkin seeds from inside. Yum!

We've been continuing our walks, which are just so fun at this time of year, in this neighbourhood. Pacific Avenue is always so great for Halloween decorations!

We bought some little pumpkins so that we could play "Hide the Pumpkin" in the park. 

I posted the photo below on my Facebook page, and everyone kept asking why the girls only have one pumpkin, while Thomas has four. The girls kind of look angry about this too! But really, it's just the way they were placed on the table, and at this point, the girls are so busy eating that they couldn't care less about the pumpkins. And Thomas is counting them. (He is a VERY good counter.) My husband had a funny caption for this photo though: "Two new feminists are born". ;)

Okay, the next segment of this blog is all about pictures. A day of playing in the leaves at High Park. Bliss. :)

Thomas was far more into it than the others, as you can see.

And of course, we love to play Hide the Pumpkin, with our little pumpkins. Leila found one!

We bought two extra pumpkins, and stuck in some Mr. Potato Head-like pieces.

And now there are some shady looking characters hanging out on our balcony.

Pumpkin bowling! You know you want to try it!

Again, bliss. 

Noah, Leila and I made Halloween cookies on the weekend. The daycare kids helped to decorate them the next day. Well, it was more eating and less decorating, as always, but luckily Noah had done most of the work for them already!

There were ghost, pumpkin, bat and cat shapes. Here are just a few of them.

Phew, glad I got all these photos up, because you know I won't have ANY restraint in taking photos tomorrow: Halloween! That will be a long enough, photo-filled blog post in itself! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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