Thursday, November 27, 2014

More November News

I forgot to post these outdoor pictures in my last post. On one of our walks after the first snowfall, Thomas dove onto someone's front lawn and started to make a snow angel. Dea followed suit. Leila is not quite sure about the snow yet, but she is observing and learning, from her friends, just how fun snow can be.

When there are two or more sizes of anything (balls, cups, trees, anything), Amadea will call the smallest the 'baby': "baby ball", "baby cup", etc. So, of course, her angel was the baby, and she was very pleased with that.

These three are so close. They love each other so much. Often, one will spontaneously hug another. I think these close bonds they are making at such a young age are teaching them very valuable social skills. It's funny, but it has just dawned on me recently, how good a set-up a home daycare can be for this very reason. While large daycare centres are also wonderful, I think the value of having a tight-knit group should not be undervalued. I would even go so far as to say that socially, these guys might just be ahead of their peers who are in much larger groups.

We decided to take a trip on the bus yesterday, just for the heck of it!

And followed it up with a subway ride! I would have liked for them to have put their own bus tickets in, but we had a very grumpy and impatient bus driver. Geeesh. Kids are people too!

You may be wondering why I am posting much more frequently than I used to. This is because, since September, I have not had any children in the daycare who do not nap anymore. Before this, for the past two years, I ran activities for the older kids while the babes slept. But for this probably brief time of a few months, it feels like I get both a daily break and some prep time, so to speak! I have one new baby starting in January, and another starting in February. I'm guessing the blogs will be less frequent next year, at least until the newbies get more comfortable napping in their new environment. Until then, I'm enjoying being able to share my reflections and our experiences as often as I can! That's the news for today, folks!

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