Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bill 10, Child Care Modernization Act: Exposed

This article is very unsettling...and yet it explains a lot.


And this...


I still feel that I will do okay as a home daycare provider, despite the restrictions coming with Bill 10. (Although if the make-up of children in my care changed I may not fare so well, and I know many other home daycare providers won't.) For me, the problem is more about the false accusations of the entire unlicensed sector, and the lies being told to the public about incidents that have occurred in licensed versus unlicensed sectors. That, more than anything else, hurts my business.

Still, the most disturbing part of all this is that the well-being of children is not (as is being professed) being put first. Quite the contrary. Silver lining? At least people are now catching on.

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