Thursday, August 13, 2015

Toronto Public Library Helps Home Daycare Literacy

Noah and Riley joined the Summer Reading Club at the Toronto Public Library. They both received a little booklet in which they can get sticker rewards for reading in a variety of ways. One of those ways is to make a reading nook, and read in it. 

So, I helped Noah and Riley make their own reading nooks. Riley's is on the left, in the picture above. Noah's is on the right.

Riley read to the girls in the beginning and Noah read alone. But then Noah thought he'd like someone to read to as well.

His little sis was happy to oblige. ;)

We went to Baird Playground the other week. Noah has perfected climbing up slides.

Maryam can climb higher on the structure now, and likes to hang out in the tunnel.

And it's always a picnic by the wading pool.

Noah is the heartiest of our waders. He loves to get soaked, and soak others (which is not always well-received). I don't know how the kids do it. It is beyond freezing!

This little girl is beyond cool. In this moment, she struggles to maintain her poise, despite the nearly impossible task of taking a drink of water from this water bottle half her weight.

Aaannd....she does it!

Also, how grown up does she look here?! Playin' with the big kids!

Thomas has come to visit us on a few occasions this summer. As I tried to get a shot of him in the wading pool, he requested that I take a picture of.....

THIS!!! Great idea for an action shot, Tom!

In the picture below, Noah gives us the inside scoop to his day at camp. Apparently he had a really, really good day.

I only had Maryam on this day, so we picked Noah up from camp, played at the park, and spent a little time at the wading pool. The water is still cold, but MUCH more bearable at this time of day. It was nice, for a change!

My little bear. Now a big bear. :)

This is David. He is 4.5 years old and is spending time with us in August, to help with his transition to school this fall. He has a sweet personality and everyone loves him already! He adores "baby Marcus", as he calls him.

Back to the bear. (I'm sure you've gathered by now, that this is my pet name for Noah). He is really growing up before my eyes. He helps so much with the little ones now! Usually Maryam isn't really into the swings, but she sure is when Noah's pushing her! It's so great.

Amadea looks so grown up in this picture too. How sweet is she?!

These two shots must be included because they might just win the award for "Most Random Daycare Shots". Of course, such an award would have to exist in the first place. ;)

Leila in the foreground, Marcus in the background.

It is certainly a full house these days! Can I just say that putting sunscreen on 7 kids each morning takes a lot of time? And then I want to kick myself when I think that snowsuit season is actually easier! haha! It's all good. It seems to be turning into one big party at the daycare this summer. And when one kid is away, we love to have Thomas over for the day, or one of Noah's buddies for a play date. Everyone is learning so much from everyone else, and stronger connections are being made every day. In particular, I notice Riley bonding with Marcus more. And David is quickly becoming friends with the little guy too.

Somebody loves his spaghetti!!!

David, though a very active little guy, is also quite the little academic. He is crazy about the alphabet. One morning I got the kids to put each lower case letter underneath its corresponding upper case letter. The kids blew me away!

David, Riley, Dea and Leila are letter superstars!

When the littlest are asleep, Riley and David love to do puzzles together. Puzzles are one of David's biggest passions.

Again, inspired by the Toronto Public Library's Summer Reading Club, Noah and Riley have been writing books. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! Riley has now written two books, complete with illustrations.

Noah wrote his first Novel. ;)

I took my own kids to the library one night last week, and Noah got a sticker on one of his pages for his work.

He also got a sticker to put in Riley's book for all her hard work. At the same time, we got a pre-reader booklet for Leila and Amadea, so they can join in the literacy fun!

Again, Noah and Riley wanted to make reading nooks. Each child took a turn reading.

At Amadea's and Leila's age, pretending to read is just fine for the purpose of the little booklet. And, of course, trying to sound out letters and/or words here and there. (The little booklet has reading activities for them to do to earn sticker rewards from the library. If it increases the child's comfort, enjoyment, confidence and interest in literacy - which covers more than just books anyway - then it's a success.) When it was Leila's turn to read in the reading nook, I expected her to tell us the story of the book she was familiar with from memory. Instead, she sounded out every letter for us. Good work, Leila! Amadea was too shy to read, or even pretend to read yet, but as you can see in the video, she is very interested in letter sounds. Perfect work for a 2-year-old. You are a literacy star already, Dea!

Here is a cute video of Noah helping his little sis to read a word. Thanks, Noah! 

I leave you with cuteness, as always. Til next time!

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