Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Paintings for 2-year-olds

This is a very simple idea that goes with the season, and especially with the weather we've been having lately in Toronto! Simply give the kids each a piece of blue construction paper, and some white paint. Tell them they are going to make a snow painting.
The main component of this activity is talking to them about what they are painting. Depending on if they are dabbing their paintbrush on the paper, or spreading the paint around, you can ask them if they're making snowflakes, snowballs, a snowstorm, etc. Aidas said that he was painting a snowstorm. We talked about the wind and the cold, and about snow being white.
This picture only has Aidas's painting in it, since M., L., and B.'s names can't be published in the blog. Noah chose not to paint at all. He watched the others paint with mild interest, but declined to participate. I guess the arsty fartsy part of him is so consumed with music right now, he has no room left for painting!

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