Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Indoor Homemade Slide, and Splashing in Puddles Outside!

There seems to be a theme emerging here: How many uses can we find for an empty diaper box? First we used them to make huge building blocks. This week we used one to make an indoor slide. I am getting more ideas though, so stay tuned!
After taking turns on the slide, we decided to use it as a car ramp.
Noah and I picked up new strips of letters and numbers at Dollarama last weekend. The kids had fun using the alphabet strip to sing the ABC's. Of course, it's also fun to walk along and drive toy cars along the alphabet strip!
It was raining lightly on Thursday, and not too cold, so we went out to splash around. Little did we know we would get to witness a car being hooked up to a tow truck! Oooooo! Aaaaahhhh! The kids were mesmerized! (And it's slightly ironic that I had to call a tow truck that night due to a flat tire.)

Here are the kids, practically wading through puddles! Fun! Their feet were obviously soaking wet. Hopefully we will all be armed with rain boots next time! We plan to do a ton of splashing in puddles this spring. I have of late, begun to embrace the joys of childhood mucking around (at appropriate times of course - not at the dinner table!). It's not that I prevented them from getting dirty before, but I feel that I am actually encouraging it now. I remember how much fun I had as a kid with the freedom to get messy outside, and I want to make sure I am giving them the chance to fully enjoy and explore mother nature.

Since we're on the subject of outdoor play, I'd like to share one of my pet peeves regarding this subject. What is it, you ask? Dog poop. As the snow melts, it is evident that most the people who walk their dogs around the apartment buildings here do not pick up after their dogs. It's not a matter of me saying to the kids, "Stay away from that area. There's dog poop there". It is everywhere. We can barely take a step without coming across some. 

Funny story. A few weeks ago, I decided that I would try to clean up what I could with a few plastic bags, while we played out there. Although I always tell the kids not to touch it, it dawned on me that I hadn't been clear enough when I heard Aidas call out "I got some, Charla!". I waited in horror as he walked towards me holding something in his bare hand. Sure enough, he got some. I cleaned his had thoroughly with wipes, and explained to him (and all the kids) more clearly this time, that they were not to touch the dog poop. We continued to play, and I continued to scoop. Two minutes later I hear, "I got some more, Charla!" I still have to laugh when I think of Aidas walking towards me, earnestly trying to help. This goes way past mucking around.

I really wish people would pick up after their dogs. Even though I picked up and tossed (in the convenient garbage can available for just this purpose) A LOT of poop that day, I barely put a dent in the problem. If the situation continues, it may mean that we have to play in a concrete area across the street, as the temperature rises this spring. Playing in the clean green grass should be their right. 

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