Monday, March 21, 2011

Toddler Fun at Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival

Noah, his big sister Emily, her man Dave, Dan and I went to the Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival on Saturday. It was so much fun!
We started off with a wagon ride to the pancake house. It was really exciting for Noah, since the wagon was pulled by a big green tractor.
Noah normally loves syrup, but ironically wouldn't touch the stuff on this day. Perhaps he was confused because it was served in small plastic cups; not the usual store bought bottle he's used to. He still enjoyed the pancakes, and the bacon even more so!
After some breakfast (and coffee, of course), we took a guided tour down Maple Lane. Our tour guide taught us how to tap a tree for its sugar and how syrup production has changed over the years.
Next, we got to see some animals. Here's Noah with his Daddy, looking at the peacocks. Noah has seen peacocks at the High Park Zoo, but this is the first time he got to see one showing off his beautiful feathers!
We also saw cows and pigs. There were two huge pigs making a lot of noise, and many piglets snuggling up for a nap. Noah seemed satisfied with the animals he saw, even if he was initially hell bent on seeing chickens.
We got some fresh maple sugar (shaped as maple leaves) at the candy shanty.
Noah walked around the bales of hay, and then I helped him to walk on top of the hay, like the big kids. He was so pleased with himself!
Dan bought us all maple sugar lollipops. Then we toured the old farmhouse from the 1890's. Noah enjoyed this too, and was very well-behaved. He's been to enough museums and art galleries now that he knows to abide by the no-touching rule.
Finally, it was time to head home. Above, li'l bro and big sis enjoy a little shut-eye after a very busy day! For more information on the Maple Syrup Festival at Bronte Creek, visit and click on Maple Syrup Festival. This coming weekend is the last weekend for the festival. Check it out! It's a fun way to spend time outdoors!

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