Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Teach a Toddler to Put Own Coat on: The Fliperoo

I know this technique is well-known by most. It teaches an easier way to help kids put on their own coats. We have been doing it at the daycare for a while, and the kids are so proud of themselves. It is a great confidence booster for children, and it saves time for the caregiver. Here are the steps for what we, at the daycare, call "the Fliperoo":
  1. Open the child's coat and lay it on the ground so that the inside is facing upwards, the hood is closest to the child, and the armholes are easily accessible.
  2. Show the child how to bend down, and put his hands into the armholes.
  3. Once his hands are in, help him to raise his arms forwards and swing his arms all the way over his head, and behind him, in a circular motion.
That's it! (He will still need help to zip it up.)

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