Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

It really was a long cold winter. It finally feels more like spring around here. The children and I have been thoroughly enjoying the weather. No more snow pants. No more mittens. It's bliss.
One day, we were lucky enough to catch the garbage truck emptying the bins at the apartment building. B. probably gets the most excited out of all five of them. He jumps up and down, saying "Boom!", anticipating the truck's actions.
These three have front row seats! All hail the garbage truck. 
I am absolutely thrilled that we are able to play on the grass now, without worrying about stepping in dog poop. The landscapers have really cleaned it up. And now that it is lush, green and clean, I think dog owners are feeling the pressure to clean up after their dogs. It makes all the difference to us. It is so clean now, that I was actually able to show the kids how to roll down the hill! We also had fun rolling a ball up and down the hill.
Our favourite game though, is still the 1-2-3-hug. I stand at the bottom of the hill. The kids stand at the top of the hill and say "1-2-3-go". Then they run down and give me a big hug. Fortunately, they don't all reach me at the same time, or it would be more like Rugby. I love this game. So does Maya. We're suckers for hugs.
After snack, when I'm cleaning up in the kitchen,  Maya often takes over my seat and re-reads the books I have read at snack. Lucas so wanted to enjoy this activity with his sister that he brought over a little chair so that he could sit beside her. Holy adorable!
I was sick with a fever and sore throat last weekend. It was only a matter of time before I shared these lovely germs with the kids. Maya was happily playing on this beautiful morning, but in the afternoon spiked a fever. The next day, she stayed home to recuperate. Her brother remained at home with her.
Since I only had 3 kids for the day, we decided to go to Chapter's book store in Bloor West Village. There was a very busy music and story time going on in the children's area when we got there. The boys played at the Thomas the Tank Engine train table, and also explored some puzzles and books at the little kids' table. 
We got Happy Meals from McDonald's for lunch. Noah calls it Old MacDonald's. Considering it was McDonald's food, their lunch was pretty healthy: grilled cheese and apple slices. We stopped the Hummer, I mean the wagon, beside a parked fire truck for a bit, while the kids ate their lunch. Then we went to the Runnymede branch of the Toronto Public Library, and borrowed a few books. It was a nice to do something a little different for the morning. Still, the daycare didn't feel quite right with the absence of the twins, so we were happy to have them back the next day.
And what a beautiful day it was! I decided to brave the Lithuania Park playground with the five kids. Wow! What an improvement in their climbing abilities since the fall! They were much more confident and able.    
They spent the majority of their time playing in the sand box. Another little boy shared some of his very cool toy trucks with us; definitely a highlight for them. We enjoyed almost 2 full hours at the playground, so when I suggested (read: bribed) a small cookie to eat while heading home, they eagerly agreed. 
It's so great to watch them play more freely, without the snowsuits or mittens to deal with. Hurray for spring! 

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