Monday, June 20, 2011

Crafts for Kids: Father's Day Keepsake Photo Magnet

  • regular children's paint
  • paper plate
  • cut-out photograph of child's face, measuring approximately 5cm in diameter (from one side of the circle to the other)
  • white construction paper
  • magnetic adhesive sheets (I bought the "Elmer's" brand from Walmart)
  • ball point pen
  • scissors
  1. Draw a circle on the Bristol Board that measures approximately 9cm across (diameter). (There are probably glasses or mugs, or other objects in your home that will help you draw a perfect circle.)
  2. Cut the circle out. 
  3. Ask the child which colour of paint she would like to use for her Father's Day flower. Squirt some of that colour onto a paper plate. 
  4. Help the child to dip their thumb (or index finger, if you prefer) into the paint. Then, have them continually make thumb prints all along the outside of the circle, dipping their thumb for more paint as needed. Let dry.
  5. Tape the back of the photograph securely to the centre of the Bristol Board circle. There should be a small space between the photo and the thumb prints. Starting right above the upper left side of the photo, write "Happy Daddy's Day" and include the year.
  6. Laminate it. (It is not expensive at all to laminate these at Staples.)
  7. Cut the circle out from the laminated page. Make sure to cut 1/2 a centimetre from the edge of the Bristol Board, so that it doesn't rip open.
  8. Cut out a large square from the magnetic sheet to fit on the back of the circle.

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