Saturday, March 30, 2013


We had Leila's family birthday party a week early, since it would have been difficult to get everyone together on the Easter weekend. It was a huge success, mostly thanks to a nice long nap she had had that morning.

But also thanks to all the family who were there to celebrate with us!

Dan always prepares a perfect brunch, and this was no exception! There were eggs, cold cuts, and many different kinds of breads and cheeses. Oh, and most importantly, smoked salmon.

Even the youngest (and most scrutinizing) eaters enjoyed the food!

Leila was very shy and clung to mommy and daddy for the whole party. She was such a little princess! She really did enjoy trying to grab the balloons from up high.

She was very interested in opening presents. What impressed her most was the tissue paper. She was very grateful for this! Big brother Noah was a great help with gift opening, and did a really good job at sharing the spotlight.

Leila got lots of beautiful clothes, her own china set from Tiffany's (big sister Emily loves to spoil!) a wooden xylophone and drum, a wooden stacking toy, a little musical bear, and a beautiful hand-made bear by Jacob's girlfriend, Monica. (It even has "Leila" stitched into the foot!) Oma and Opa also gave her money for her education fund, and a gold bracelet with her name engraved in it.

The best (and most emotional) moment for me was when we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. I can't believe what a beautiful little 1-year-old girl I have! We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Though not as earnest as her big brother had been, she seemed to like her first taste of cake.

And...big brother still earnestly enjoying his cake, to this day! (He takes after his mommy!)

Here are some great pictures of the family that came to celebrate Leila.

Bottom left photo: Big bro Jacob, big sis Emily, and their mother, Joanna.
Bottom right photo: Monica, Jacob, and Emily.

Bottom left: Dan's Auntie Doreen, and my mother, Alice.
Bottom right: Emily and her boyfriend, Dave.

Cousins Mackenzie and Kacey.

Auntie Krista and Uncle Scott.

And here are some more of the Belle of the Ball.

Happy Birthday, my gentle, beautiful girl! You have such a sweet soul!

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