Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Eggs

Not only were the kids busy with Easter crafts for the past few weeks, they've also been dyeing and decorating Easter eggs.

Even Thomas got into painting an egg. It was his first time painting anything at the daycare. He was very gentle and careful with the hollow egg, and it turned out great!

The bigger boys liked the activity too. We also got these special egg paint sticks. They look like Q-tips, but have coloured dye inside that makes it easy to paint the egg with. I've gotta say that Dollarama was a really great place to get arts and craft materials, as well as games and treats, this Easter season.

I believe that is where I got these fun fishing sets (either there or Walmart). There is a magnet attached to the end of each fishing line, and three fish with magnets at their mouths. Oscar and Thomas both loved going fishing in their little ponds.

Then we got out some other sea creatures we have tucked away and it became more like an ocean. Noah and B. enjoyed the same activity in the afternoon when the little guys were sleeping. Maybe they can go fishing in the wading pool this summer!

I set up an Easter egg hunt (just plastic eggs, no chocolate) for when we came back from school with the big boys. They all picked up their baskets at the front door. Noah and B. knew they were only allowed to collect 10 eggs. After that they had to start helping Oscar and Thomas, or find some eggs to give to Leila.

It turns out Oscar was very skilled at finding the eggs, and gave the bigger boys some tough competition!

Thomas was not too interested in the egg hunt. Leila thoroughly enjoyed taking each and every egg out of her basket and throwing it on the floor.

Her game looks fun too, no?

The older boys and I made chocolate egg-shaped cupcakes to serve at Leila's little daycare birthday party the following day.

During this activity, I remembered, as a kid,  my mother giving me the egg-beaters with icing on them, after she had baked a cake. I couldn't then, in good conscience, restrict them from the same delight. They enjoyed licking their spoons. Ha! Okay, well, in B.'s case, a ladle!

I think the little princess appreciated all their hard work. By the end of it, Noah and I couldn't stop laughing at what she had done to her sweet little face! It doesn't look too messy here, but she really did end up painting one whole side of her face, and good chunk of her hair, with chocolate!

Happy birthday again, pigtail Jane!

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