Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Summer

So, first of all, an apology to any of my readers who attempted to visit the blog and got a warning message about malware. My site was not infected, but, I had a link to another site at the bottom of my page. This linked-to site apparently was also not infected. However, it may have linked to a site that was infected. Anyway, I have removed the problem, and saved my dear blog. :)

Here are the kids fishing in their little ponds. What a great little activity for a hot day! Thanks, Dollarama.

This is my evidence that Riko does not cry all day. And I have come to believe that her crying is more of a habit than a real sadness. Sometimes, she could be crying, but smiling at the same time! Other times she will stop but start again when I ask her a question, or even make eye contact! But usually, she will cry for the first 40 minutes or so. Then she enjoys herself and plays with the kids. She is almost always happy when we go outside.

I really like Riko. She is not the only enigma. All the children are puzzling in their own ways. Aren't we all? This is why psychology intrigues me. It was my undergrad at U of T. Yet I know it is an imperfect science. You really can't peg all human behaviour, especially that of very young children. You just got to let them know you love them...that's all you can do.

The two bigger boys were at school and Leila was sleeping when these 3 decided to get cool.

I swear, I did not tell them to put the shades on their heads, but yes, I was ready to capture it when they did!

The above photo is my fave. Look at Riko's confidence! Look at Tom! Riley is adorable! These 3 should do ads!

So this is always the situation around noon time. Lots of snacks. It's like a buffet. I bring food. My helper brings food. And then they often come home and have more lunch! These kids eat very well, and non-stop around midday it seems. I guess they need the energy!

These 2 pictures I have of Noah, above, are of his last day of Junior Kindergarten. I am so proud! In the photo directly above, he is holding a wrapped gift from his teacher: a book (of course!). My favourite thing that was written in his report card was: he is considerate of others. Above all else, I want him to be kind. He is a beautiful, intelligent, almost 5-year-old! It's so crazy how fast time flies!

Here is Riko, riding in the swing with her toy "Jessie", from Toy Story. Actually, Riko is all about Disney. She knows all the music from various movies like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins and Aladdin. But she seems to especially love Toy Story.

So....I wasn't planning on letting Thomas up to the top area of the large playground structure at Lithuania Park. However, little miss Leila is constantly wanting to do this (yes, even though she cannot yet walk). So, because Leila was making me walk her around up here (she is very insistent and persuasive), I had to let Thomas have a turn too. The first day I let him up, he didn't want to come down. Look at him in the upper right picture. His whole expression says, " noticed. Yes, yes, I am indeed on the top level of the playground." I am glad it is losing some of it's overwhelming captivation, and that he is starting to rediscover other areas of the playground!

Riley and Riko are buddies. They kept going down the slide together, over an over. Similarly, at my place, they like to hold hands and run around the kitchen-living room loop, over and over. Riley is such a good friend to Riko. Even if Riko is speaking Japanese, Riley nods and tries to make Riko feel understood.

We used Noah's projector which reads along with Pooh Bear and Dora books. We had to do this activity in the kitchen this time, since Leila was having her morning nap, and no other area was dark enough! It's funny though, they are always too excited by this activity to actually listen to the story. What-ev's.

Yesterday was great for splashing in puddles. We brought toy frogs and snakes to put around our little 'ponds'.

Guess who came to play with us?! OSCAR!!! I know, you probably didn't recognize him because he's so grown up now! Actually, Oscar met us for a play date last week too, and we hope to enjoy a few more before the summer is through!

Oscar brought his new scooter to share. He loved riding it through the puddles.

How could this party get any better???  Ice Cream.

Yes, a little angel brought us homemade ice cream cones. This is what summer is all about! Friends from the building came to visit too. It was The. Coolest. Party. Ever.

Leila attempted to absorb a whole puddle in her diaper....WHILE eating an ice cream cone.

It was officially Riko's last day today. We are going to miss this sweet little girl! Thomas and Riley have grown especially fond of her, since they have spent the most time with her. I really hope she will be back to visit one day! Her mother tells me that she really did love the daycare, and all her friends here. We love you too, Riko!

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