Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Changing Gang

Riko is adjusting well to the daycare. She has this instinct to protect baby Leila, and it is just adorable. If Leila complains that I am not close enough, Riko will go and sit with her until I am able to pick her up. I love when the kids can naturally help each other out like that! (and, let's not kid ourselves - she's helping me out too!)

She was giving lots of hugs to Leila in the wagon. Leila didn't seem to mind one bit!

Speaking of hugs, this is one of the highlights of running a daycare. This makes other times of the day, when the kids are fussing or crying, all worthwhile!

Nothing in the world is better than hugs!!

You may have noticed a new face in the videos. That is Riley, the newest member of the daycare. She is an absolutely delightful 3 year old girl. So far, she has adjusted to our daycare so well that you'd think she'd been here since infancy! I shouldn't hold my breath though, seeing as Riko had a 'honeymoon period' the first few days too. It's okay, I fully expect all the kids to 'keep me guessing' every day. And I will literally keep you posted!  


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