Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Noah's Loblaws Cooking Party!

We had Noah's 5th birthday party on the upper level of a Loblaws store. Loblaws does kids' cooking classes for birthday parties.

Twelve of Noah's friends showed up for the bash; some from the daycare, some from school, and some old cherished friends.

The first thing the kids did was to write their names on, and colour their very own chef hats. After that it was time to wash hands in preparation for pizza making!

Noah helped the teacher demonstrate how to make the dough. He was the star chef! Actually, this party was perfect for Noah, since at this point in his life, he desires to be a "cooker" when he grows up. He plans to own a pirate-themed restaurant. He has got all of the details of this worked out, including chicken fingers on the menu; a must.

Next, the kids chopped up some toppings for their pizza, using relatively safe cutting utensils. :)

I have never seen a group of kids this age so calm for almost 2 hours. It was the most relaxing children's party I think I will ever attend!

It was also relaxing having someone else 'run the show'. It was completely worth the cost, since I would have paid the same amount had I done everything myself.

Noah really enjoyed himself. He is getting very skilled at introducing his friends to one another.

At the beginning of the party, one of the ladies running the workshop said that he was very big for a 5-year-old, and that he must be eating lots of healthy food. Noah informed her that he was actually growing so much because he eats so many cheeseburgers!

Once the kids had put their toppings on their pizzas, it was time for them to ice their cakes.

There was a lot of taste-testing, or quality control, going on!

Finally it was time to sing happy birthday to Noah. I love this so much. It is one of my all-time favourite things in life: hearing a group of family and friends sing happy birthday to my children!

I ordered him a chocolate cake, with yellow and pink icing on it (his favourite colours).

After the party, there was a mini photo shoot of Noah with two of his friends from school.

The cutest chefs I have ever seen!

Finally, we said good-by to all our friends and headed downstairs to do our grocery shopping.

But we found one more little chef who was helping his mommy and daddy do a little grocery shopping as well! Gotta love Oscar! I think he has got to be the coolest chef!

Thanks again to all of Noah's friends for making his birthday party so memorable!

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