Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Rain

As we were heading outside the other day, the superintendent of the building asked us where we were going in such wet, rainy weather. We told her, "Outside to play". She looked at us like we were crazy. We absolutely ARE. How great is that?!

Actually, I had been hoping for a play day like this: warm temperatures, rain, and no thunder and lightening. And here was the perfect day for it!

Leila loved it too. She had her rain pants on, but I cannot find rain boots in her size yet, so her shoes became a little uncomfortable to walk around in. She didn't complain though.

After a little while, it stopped raining, and the sun began to shine.

So they danced around in the puddles a little longer, before it got too hot for us to stick around in our rain boots.

These kids have been living at the wading pool practically the whole summer. This week, we return to the school routine. We are excited about new beginnings, and the changing seasons. And we are all wishing B. and Noah a successful start to their year in Senior Kindergarten!

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