Saturday, November 2, 2013

Autumn Crafts

Here is one of our earliest Autumn crafts. (We did this craft a few years back, but didn't make it into an "Alphabet Tree".)  I made the background out of construction paper. The kids all worked together to paint the tree. They also painted yellow, red and orange onto Bristol Board and I cut leaves out from their paintings. The leaves are stuck onto the tree with Velcro.

There is a leaf for every letter of the alphabet, and enough letters so that Thomas, Riley, Noah and B. can spell their names. In the photo above, Riley has spelled her name on a smaller board with Velcro attached. The kids call these their surf boards, and actually prefer to stand on them, with a random assortment of letters attached. I encourage them to spell their names on their boards, so they can have their own personalized surf boards!

Here is a leaf rubbing that Noah did with some of the leaves he collected at High Park. Easy, but beautiful.

Noah, B. and Riley glued some of their collected leaves to paper using Podgy, a special kind of glue that keeps the leaves from drying out. 

They also shredded red, orange, and gold pieces of tissue paper, and glued them to outlines of trees. Can you tell I like autumn art work? 

Then, of course, we had to decorate for Halloween! Speaking of which, I must now end this post in the interest of getting the Halloween post up! Stay tuned....

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