Wednesday, May 6, 2015

High Park Cherry Blossoms in Peak Bloom! Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We took all 5 kids to see the cherry blossoms today in High Park!

First, we sat on the hill, by Grenedier Pond, and had a snack.

Life is good. Sitting under the cherry blossom trees with your friend, on the perfect day in May. Splitting a bag of Goldfish. :)

Marcus has been under the weather, so we were happy that he got a little morning snooze. We gave the big stroller. The other 4 squished into the SUV wagon!

Leila wanted to go over to the dock.

The beautiful cherry blossoms, in peak bloom today!

The beautiful Marcus awakes. :)

Leila was excited to see the ducks. In the picture below, Dea watches a swan.

Thomas rests on our way up the big hill.

Maryam manages the water, snacks, and dollies in the wagon.

A glorious day! And everyone was taking pictures, so I fit right in. ;)

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