Friday, May 15, 2015

The Home Child Care Chronicle

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Here are some little fridge magnets we made for mommies and grandmas. It's the same craft we did a few years ago for Father's Day, except I used their index fingers for the prints rather than their thumbs.

We hadn't played out in the yard by our building for a while, so I decided it was time! I let the kids bring out their bikes/cars, and took Maryam out in the stroller. (Marcus was away on this day.) It is always tricky with the logistics of getting in the elevator with all our gear, but we made it!

Maryam enjoyed riding the vehicles too! She also enjoyed drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

We brought out our egg chalk that Leila got from the Easter bunny, and a special spill-proof bubble container that holds three wands.

Once Maryam learned that it was not, in fact, a tasty treat, she did try to blow some bubbles!

The kids ran around the yard, playing mostly "house", and a little "hide and seek".

Riley still comes for a play date after school every couple of weeks. Here she is reading a book to her friends.

This is Maryam's favourite chair in the baby area at the Annette Street Library drop-in program.

She always gets this look of pride when she climbs in. She thinks it's the best thing!

The kids also like to play with the home-made play dough. It's safe even for babies to play with, since it's made with natural ingredients. Maryam and Marcus are just starting to learn how fun Play Dough can be!

Notice Leila and Thomas are in their dress-up gear. They always get suited up as soon as we arrive at the drop-in!

Three little cuties on the walk home, take a break to pose for the camera.

Someone was giving this great toy away, on their boulevard. It was in such good condition, and I thought Noah would really like it, so Maryam kept it safe in the wagon until we got home.

Now this was a great toy that, I guess, somebody donated to Baird Playground. There was no motor, as I'm sure there once was, but that didn't matter because it was easy to push them around the empty wading pool.

Every picture tells a story. These two are easy to read: Amadea is not pleased that it is not yet her turn. :) Little cutie!

Now it is! And she takes Maryam for a ride!

Marcus was ill on this day, but still at the daycare. I had my helper keep him home. Thus, I could only take one wagon. Good thing I can squeeze these four into a wagon! By the way, that's an empty tub of ice cream to hold the sand box toys. I just so love the dolly's pose on Thomas's lap. You can tell these guys take good care of their "babies". ;)

Beautiful girl. :) She and Marcus are climbing everywhere, and having a blast!

There is something about midday, or being outside, or perhaps a combination of the two, that makes everyone famished!

Thomas begged me to do a fort again, so up one went! Actually, there's an extra little fort to the left. That was their 'cottage'.

Maryam liked reading books inside the tent. She is really "getting" books. She talks her baby talk, pretending to read, then turns the page and does it again. It makes my heart smile.

Thomas designated  the couch as the house's sleeping quarters.

And we had a book path/sidewalk leading from the house to the cottage, in two directions. Marcus is not crazy about the tents yet, but he'll get there!

We made a pond in Leila's room by filling some water in a basin.

We added little plastic fish, and other sea creatures.

And some bath toys, like a star fish, rubber duckies, 2 boats and a spitting frog.

Lastly, I got out little toy fishing rods which are magnetized, and can pick up the magnetized fish.

Now this was Marcus's kind of activity! Maryam and Marcus both loved it, actually. Maryam had to be encouraged to splash just a little less. ;) They are going to love the wading pool this summer!

I think he caught a big one! (Coincidentally, Marcus loves to eat fish.)

Here are some pics and a video of the kids making music after lunch.

Oh my goodness, she cracks me up with her tambourine necklace! She always does this!

I didn't catch it on video, but Amadea was graciously holding a xylophone for Marcus, so he could play it while standing up. It was so endearing! Have a great weekend, all!

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