Monday, June 8, 2015

A Whole Lot of Happenings

Thomas and I played Scrabble one afternoon while the babes were sleeping. He kept building this super long word, and making me read it. Then he would take a turn reading one of the words I made. Then he would add more letters to his word and I would have to tackle an even longer word. It was silly and fun!

Dress-up time! Leila's been working out. ;)

Gorgeous. :)

And some more gorgeous. :)

I took these pics of my kids last weekend, and had to include them in the blog.

Marcus and Maryam love these little chairs, and are learning how to sit on them properly (Maryam thought they were step stools at first).

We've been working on a Father's Day craft. Shhhhh!

After we worked on the craft, we did some finger painting to decorate our front door.

As I showed you in the last post, Maryam and Marcus really took to it!

And, it's the first time they have produced their very own work that I can put up! Big milestone!

Here are some photos of our hike at the side of Lithuania Park.

And these were taken at the field above Lithuania Park.

This is Marcus cleaning up his own apple, that he spit out onto the floor. I've never seen him do this before! These babies are shocking me every day. Oh and please excuse his disheveled , pulled out onesie look. I changed his shirt for some reason, but didn't want to bother him with fastening it up until I changed his diaper. ;)

Last Thursday, Noah, Leila, Thomas, Dea and I went to the Keele Street Public School Fun Fair!

We lined up for the bouncy castle, and Tom and Dea's parents joined us not long after. There were lots of games, and even a dance party! My favourite part of the video below is Thomas's face at the very beginning: the anticipation of showing off his moves. And they are GOOD moves!! You can see Leila and Noah dancing in the background.

There was also face painting. It was such a fun thing to do, all together.

I've seen the kids play Restaurant many times, but I had never seen Marcus playing it!

He sat there for a long time, completely focused and for the most part, understanding what the activity was about.

This is so cute. You can tell Thomas is a pro.

Speaking of Thomas, guess what he can do now? 

Thomas has been begging me to take them to the Castle Playground in High Park, so on Friday, we did it!

Yes, we did actually cram Noah in the wagon, and yes, he did get a ride the whole way there, and almost all of the way back. I wanted to fight as few battles as possible, even if it made for a more strenuous work-out!

Noah and Thomas had a great time! Leila and Amadea had fun too, but it really is the best playground for those aged 6 and up. (BTW, the babies went for a walk with my helper instead. for this very reason. It really isn't much fun for them, at this age. Like I said, even Leila and Amadea seemed a little young to fully enjoy it, and they were often almost getting knocked over by big kids playing tag.) Thomas had so much fun because he was hell bent on keeping up with Noah and his friends (school friends happened to be there, since it was a P.A. day).

Amadea carried around this bag of Rainbow Goldfish the whole time. She's not normally allowed to snack this much on Goldfish, so she was going to take advantage of this special day. :) Also, lately Amadea doesn't go many places without her purse (it's Leila's, but Dea uses it so much it has become more Dea's purse). She is so funny! All grown up already. ;)

 And of course we had to finish our special outing with ice cream from the ice cream truck, and a walk through High Park Zoo.

I still remember Thomas eating ice cream as a baby, and how he'd be completely engrossed in it. Well, not much has changed. You could tell, even more than any of the other kids, that he was in his happy place. He had shut out the world around him, and for a little while, it was just him and his ice cream. I asked him if he had music playing in his head, and if our voices were a distant echo? Haha! So cute. That's actually the way I feel when I eat ice cream too, so I can completely relate!

Okay, no more time for words. The pictures will speak for themselves. Until next time!


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