Monday, July 13, 2015

Starting Summer

Here are the Father's Day gifts we made last month: Popsicle stick picture frames. Happy belated Father's Day to all the awesome dads!

Wading pool season - yeah! Maryam borrowed Leila's bikini one day, and it was unbelievably adorable. Beach blanket baby. :)

We have also been to the big pool a few times. Everyone is LOVING it, but as you can imagine, it is crazy busy with me and my helper ensuring the safety of all (even though there are lifeguards as well), so alas, there are no swimming pictures. I hope to get one or two one of these days, but safety is obviously my prime concern. The closest I got was a shot of these two beauties on deck, after we had finished swimming and gotten the kids changed back into their clothes. The pool is great though, because it is fairly shallow and small for an in ground pool, and it is as warm as bath water. I know this doesn't sound very refreshing on a hot day, but it is perfect for little kiddies who get cold easily; they last so much longer in the water this way!

Meet our lion, zombie, and bat-girl. Yup, we've been into the face paints again!

Now this is HUGE news that should have been reported weeks ago, but it kind of coincided with my trip to Italy. Anyway, Amadea is officially a big sister! Little Marcellus was born June 12, healthy and beautiful as can be! Here he is, with doting admirers!

Congratulations to the family! I cannot wait to hold this little guy!

Aaaaand....back to the wading pool.

 B.'s mother and I had a great water fight with Noah and B. I got soaked!

Noah enjoyed a play date with two of his buddies. It was a great day for it, since Riley was away (the only non-napping kid besides Noah.)

We made a hopscotch and practised hopping. The babies practised jumping. Marcus almost got off the ground! Adorable. :) As an aside, I have to mention that Marcus is CRAZY for light switches. He gets so excited, just looking at a light, and anticipating that you might let him turn it on or off. I think this fascination with lights is really facilitating his language development, since I hear the most intense, earnest baby-talk from him when he's talking about the lights. And in this baby-talk, I swear I'm hearing some real words, like "turn on lights", but it's always rolled into much more complicated language. I love seeing these guys grow and develop!

Little Maryam is now able to climb up onto the big chairs. She actually brought a book with her this time, too! Although these things are always a little nerve-wracking, she has proven she is able to get safely down on her own. She's also very proud to have mastered climbing on the big couch. Go, Maryam!

She also loves pushing her "babies" around in this stroller. Here, she has put Leila's hat on. Oh my goodness - I just can barely contain my glee when they are super cute like this. The only way I can deal with this cuteness overload is to take a picture, and share it.

We had a couple of days last week that were a tad too chilly for our usual wading pool activity. The kids had fun building sand castles, and drawing with chalk. I'm noticing how interested Maryam is becoming with drawing or colouring. She even gravitates toward the magnetic drawing books I have at home. Time to get more colouring materials out for her! She and Marcus have kind of passed the "I'll try to eat anything that will fit in my mouth stage", so I'm a bit more comfortable getting out the crayons. They still need to be watched closely, but also seem to be a little wiser in this area - you know, at the ripe old age of almost 18 months. :)

I leave you with this photo shoot. I took a picture of Riley running toward me, and soon enough, that was the activity: them running towards me while I took a picture. They thought it was great fun! Look how much Riley has grown! She is a beautiful, confident girl. Have I said already how happy I am that she's gracing us with her presence this summer? She's lovely, always.

Dea!!! Sweetheart!

Well hello Leila!

Hams in foreground, photobomber in back.

Marcus, the cutest photobomber. :)


Til next time!

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