Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tiny Dancers

Goldfish crackers taste even better when you eat them in a circus tent.

We started our spring chick foot print craft last week.

This is the best part of the craft!

Drew was a little weirded out when I began painting his foot, so we quickly stamped it on paper and cleaned him up; his trust was restored.

It's still been so c-c-c-cold! We keep hoping to put away the snow suits for once and for all, but alas, it is not yet meant to be.

Yesterday we went to the Annette Street Library drop-in.

Drew had a lot of fun on the ride-on toys...

Leila worked very hard on this puzzle...

Drew showed that he is growing up way too fast - sitting at the big table!

Not sure what she's supposed to be...a matador maybe? lol She kept saying "your majesty", so I guess she's some medieval character.

Regardless, it seemed to help her finish this complex puzzle.

These 2 are always game for the water table!

It was Maryam's first time wearing braids. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Marcellus (Amadea's little bro) came by with his mommy. Bonus! He is one smiley little guy!

 Extreme cuteness alert:

Aren't they sweet?

Maryam came to daycare with a tiara today, and THEN sported her sunglasses as well. She is such a little diva. Way too sweet!

I kept asking Elton John to tell me what he did with Dea. I told him to bring her back, but he just said, "You just being silly!" Alright then, Tiny Dancer. ;)

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