Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy 4th, Leila!

My sweet baby girl turned 4 last Wednesday!

We got her a purple bike (her current favourite colour), with a seat for her dolly in the front. The bike came with matching helmets for Leila and dolly. So cute!

We started the day off playing a birthday cake ring toss game.

Next, we set the table for Leila's birthday lunch. Leila had been very excited to have a birthday table cloth, like Maryam had had for her birthday.

We didn't do much in the way of party favours this year, but these mini bubbles were great for the little ones!

Outside, it was time to play "Hide the Present".

It was just an empty box, wrapped  (in purple) and tied with a bow.

Dea and Leila just love any variation of hide and seek games.

The kids had all helped to make chocolate cupcakes (Leila's request). We put sprinkles and Smarties on top.

Pre-blowing-out-candle photo shoot.

After lunch, it was time for music!

Leila refuses to wear a party hat, even for a moment. Amadea is at the other end of the spectrum. Isn't she sweet?! Also, she often lines up about 5 little stuffed animals at the head of her bed. They must keep the bad dreams away. ;)

After naps, it was time for pass the parcel! Notice we have a few extra party guests! Noah returned from school, and we invited Riley over to join in the fun!

In each layer of wrapping, there was a sheet of stickers. Even though there was plenty for all, competition was still high.

Maryam was still napping at this point, since she was feeling very ill.

We set up the party table for dinner again...

...and then played good ol' Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Time for pizza!

It was actually our last time seeing Riley before she went off on a big adventure. She'll be back one day though, with lots of stories to tell us. We will miss her!


The day before, Leila had been practising holding up 4 fingers to show her new age. (Why do all kids do this?!) She got a bit of coaching from the big kids during her birthday dinner.

In the evening, we took Leila to Swiss Chalet, for what her big sister, Emily, commonly refers to as "second dinner." (Noah is a huge fan of second dinner.) Happy birthday, princess! You are sweet, complicated, hilarious, loving, smart, and a holy terror. You are an enigma, and I love you far more than words could ever express. Here's to 4!

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