Monday, September 6, 2010

Other Highlights of Our Week

We have been watching the ice cream truck come to Lithuania Park practically every day for the entire summer. We usually hear the music from the truck first. Yes, the music, which oddly is often the tune of "Lambada". Is it just me who finds that.....inappropriate and weird? Anyway, at this point, all the children in the entire park (playground, wading pool and soccer field) yell "Ice Cream Truck!!!" Some of the lucky youngsters get a cool treat. Not these guys. Why? I opted against the expectation this would create every subsequent day of the summer, and the complete meltdown that would occur each time this expectation was unmet, and finally, the torture that all of us would have to endure.
But, on this very day at summer's end, it was finally time! What I should have taken a picture of was their faces as I pulled the wagon toward the ice cream truck. They both had a complete look of awe on their faces. What I also should have taken a picture of was the aftermath. Actually, Noah gave up on his ice cream quite early, but Aidas stuck with it to the bitter end. With his thumb impaling the cone, and the ice cream melting all over the place, he continued to slowly lick it. I kept wincing and asking "Are you all done, Aidas?" to which he replied "No way!" every time!

In other news, Aidas has resumed his old hobby of climbing into the toy box again. He can get in, but not out, and yells "Help me!" until I rescue him.

Aidas really enjoys colouring. Noah enjoys taking the caps off the markers and putting them back on.
We finished off our week with a trip to Indigo. The boys had fun playing at the Thomas the Tank Engine table. They also enjoyed playing with the puppets, and looking at books.

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