Friday, September 24, 2010

Our not so Average Week at Daycare

Noah turned 2 years old on Tuesday! Dan and I gave him all our presents in the morning, so he could play with them during the day with his friends.We gave him a couple of wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Those things are expensive! We also gave him Magneatos, some puzzles and some books.
We are having his birthday party this Sunday, but we still celebrated in a small way at the daycare. At morning snack, the kids enjoyed some cupcakes with chocolate frosting and M & M's on top. Noah just licked the chocolate off the top and left the vanilla cake untouched. That's my boy! A chocolate lover like his mother!
I put a few balloons up. I was not going to let the kids play with them, since I know Aidas's goal is usually to pop them right away. Unfortunately, one fell down, and L. had it. So....I had to get the others down for the rest of the gang. They did have a good time with them, before they inevitably popped.
That night, Dan, Emily, Noah and I went to Swiss Chalet. Noah thoroughly enjoyed his chicken, french fries, and ice cream for desert. He demanded to be let out of his high chair. Then, contented with his full belly, he proceeded to dance and scream (ahem - I mean "sing") for the other patrons. They were very understanding.
For the first time this fall, we attended the drop-in at the Early Literacy Centre at Indian Road Public School. The kids had so much fun! There was so much to do there: painting, purple water table, sand table, puzzles, playdough and toys. Aidas enjoyed painting, puzzles, and the car ramp. L. enjoyed painting, the sand table and the water table.
M. took advantage of the snack provided, and really enjoyed music circle. Noah was all about the puzzles.
This week, I introduced the colour-sorting vehicles to L. and M. We also read a book about colours, and collected toys from the room and grouped them according to colour. 
Before I go any further with the pictures, I must describe another event, besides the birthday celebration, that made this week...unusual. During a chaotic moment at lunchtime, and in mid-tantrum, Noah fell off his booster seat. He was more upset than he usually is after a fall, so I knew something was up. I couldn't figure out where he was hurt, though. He finally told me (and only once, so good thing I caught it) - "arm".  Dan took him to the doctor in the afternoon. The doctor said that he was fine, even after looking at the x-rays.

I was relieved at first, but became increasingly concerned. He would cry when trying to climb at the playground. He had trouble using both arms to get into a standing position. The doctor called back on Thursday and said she had gotten the reports from the radiologist back: his arm was broken. I was broken too. Heart-broken. I felt so bad for the little guy, and at least partially responsible. She said it was a "Buckle fracture", which are very common injuries in children. She suggested we take him to emergency at our earliest convenience to get a cast on it.

We took him to Sick Kids Hospital that night. I was delighted at how quick the process went, I guess because the waiting room was practically empty. Apparently, children's bones are soft and usually do not actually break. Instead, you get a "Buckle fracture", which is a dent in the bone. They said that Noah had a very small dent on his arm, and that it would heal on its own, but that a cast would help to protect it while it healed. They put what they call a "backslab"" on his arm. It is soft bandage wrapped around his arm with one strip of hard cast at the side. It's also called a "splint", or a "half-cast". He was such a trooper. He didn't cry, as one of the talented nurses distracted him with a toy.
Today he welcomed the cast to his world by smearing it with avocado, and later with egg. should smell delightful by the end of three weeks! I'm just glad to know he's now on the mend.

I just had the two boys today. They enjoyed playing with the dress-up bin, among other things . In the afternoon we went to Runnymede Library and Indigo, and made it home dry despite the threat of rain. As you can see, playing is exhausting!


  1. Happy birthday to your little guy! Magneatos are a favorite here.

  2. Thanks! We had our 2nd celebration today, and still one more to go!