Friday, September 10, 2010


Kids, kids, and more kids! A sweet 20-month-old little boy joined our daycare on a part-time basis last Friday. So far, he is missing his mommy very much. It is especially tough for him since his first language is not English. We know that eventually he will adjust, but it will take a little longer since he is not here as often. Poor little guy! Oh - and I should mention that you will not see this little guy in pictures. No paparazzi for him. But he really does exist! Honest!
We also now have delightful 20-month-old twins in the daycare full-time. (I will call the girl M. and the boy L. in future posts.) Their mother has been staying with them for a few mornings, to help them transition, and then leaving them for the afternoons. They seem to be very comfortable so far, and Noah and Aidas have also been adjusting well to the change. It's nice having 4 kids in the daycare full-time again! 
And here we go, packing 4 in a wagon again! I call this their hummer. It's actually the Little Tikes Explorer wagon (the larger version) and I highly recommend it if you need to transport up to 4 younger children (I started using it when they were just over 1 year old.) I used it all last winter in the snow, so it has survived a lot of wear-and-tear. Although, now that Noah and Aidas are bigger, I'm wondering if they'll all fit okay in their snowsuits this winter. At least we have the option of taking one of the sides off, so they can sit with their backs to one side with their feet dangling over. OR Noah can walk and hold my hand. Anyway, if you are interested in this wagon, go to:

Earlier in the week, when the twins weren't with us, we went to High Park playground. No, we did not dig this hole in the sandbox. We found it this way! How fun is that?!
I have decided to start a bin of dress-up clothes. So far, the collection is meager: a king hat, a fireman hat, some kids' sunglasses and some backpacks. Still, they are enjoying what we do have, and in time our collection will grow. Aidas is just loving the fireman hat!


  1. Your children so look happy! What a wonderful place for them to spend their day!

  2. Thanks, Jessica! We do have a lot of fun!