Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Bell Tree Decorations

I did this craft today with the 2-year-olds at my daycare. For this age group, part of it can done by the kids and the rest can be completed by the adult.

Materials: an empty egg carton, yarn or thin ribbon, jingle bells (or jingles from a broken tambourine - 2 per bell), paintbrush, paint, paint smock

  1. Rip or cut off the top of the empty egg carton. Discard.
  2. Turn the set of egg cups upside down.
  3. Using a knife or scissors, cut into 12 individual cups. Each upside down cup will be a bell decoration.
  4. Have the children paint the egg cups. Encourage them to cover the cup completely with paint.
  5. Let the painted egg cups dry.
  6. Puncture a small hole through the top of the cup.
  7. Cut a piece of yarn or ribbon about 17 inches long
  8. If you are using jingles from a tambourine, tie a thick knot at one end of the ribbon. Slide the jingles on (making sure the bumpy sides of the jingles are facing each other). Tie another thick knot on the other side of the jingles, no more than 1 inch from the first knot. (Note, with a jingle bell it is a little easier. Just tie one knot and then thread the ribbon through the bell.)
  9. Next, thread the ribbon through the bottom of the overturned egg cup, so that it comes out the top. Keep pulling it until the upper knot is just under the hole. (If you're using a jingle bell, pull the ribbon until the jingle bell is about half an inch under the hole.)
  10. Holding the ribbon in place at the top, make a big loop and tie a knot so that it is securely at the top of the overturned egg cup.  
 Here are the creations of the five 2-year-olds at the home daycare.

They were very proud to place their decorations on the bare tree. They have initiated the tree decorating!
The loops were nice and big so that they were able to place the decorations on the tree themselves.

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