Saturday, November 27, 2010

Avocados for Toddlers

Since Noah's early days of eating solids, he has been enjoying avocados. And since the start of the daycare in September of 2009, I have been serving avocados to the kids for lunch at least once a week. Some kids don't care for them at first, but I have been able to entice most of the children with this fruit (yes, it is a fruit) with a little time and creativity. I am a stubborn advocate for this food where children are concerned. Here's why:
Noah and Aidas have been used to eating avocado on toast, but also enjoy it straight up. They have recently been intrigued by "avocado boats". (I got the idea from Dr. Sears's "The Baby Book".) To make an avocado boat, you just cut the avocado in half lengthwise and remove the seed. Loosen up the avocado in the one of the halves using a spoon. Then serve each child a half (skin side down) with a spoon inside. (Note: Serve the avocado very soon after preparing it. If it is exposed to air too long it will become brownish and unpalatable.)

The twins wouldn't eat avocado until I made a toasted sandwich with it. I spread the avocado on the toast first, then spread cream cheese over top.

I would suggest serving avocado to your baby when you introduce solids. Just mash it up.Continue serving it on a regular basis, so that it doesn't become one more green food your toddler refuses to eat!


        1. I've always served avocado to my babies...and still do! They also enjoy it with sauteed garlic. I enjoy your blog and use many of your ideas!

        2. Thanks, Maria! I enjoy your blog too! It makes me reminisce about my teaching days. Eventually I will return to teaching, but I want to stay home with my son while I can. So...I fill the teaching void by trying to homeschool 2-year-olds! You must have an enormous amount of knowledge about children considering you raised 6!!! I may need to ask you for advice sometime!