Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Make Paper Ring Chains

This is a great activity for the age group of the children in my daycare (just over and just under 2). Not only can the activity help to develop fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination, but it can also be used to teach colours. The fact that it is simple and produces quick results helps to keep the children focused that much longer.

We made paper chains as decorations the day before our celebration of Aidas's 2nd birthday. These chains can be used for any celebration, however, and I expect we'll be making them again as we near Christmastime.

Materials: construction paper in various colours, scissors, clear tape


  1. Using various colours of construction paper, cut out strips that are roughly an inch wide and 9 inches long. (Thinner and/or shorter strips can be cut for older children as a variation, but large chunky pieces are much easier for this age group to manage.)
  2. Show the children how you join the two edges of a strip to "make a circle". Tape the edges together using a small piece of scotch tape. (The children can help put the tape on, but you will probably need to follow up with another piece to make sure it holds.)
  3. Instruct them to put one strip through the circle you are holding. (This will likely be the extent of their physical participation in the making of the chain.) When the strip is halfway through the circle, join the edges of that strip and tape them together.
  4. While holding it, have them place another strip through the circle you have just completed. When it is halfway through, join the two edges of this strip together and tape.
  5. Continue this process until the desired chain length is reached.
**To help teach about colours, you can ask the child what colour they are putting through, tell them what colour they are putting through, or ask them to get a particular coloured strip.

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