Sunday, August 7, 2011

Child's Play

After having enjoyed our body painting activity the day before, Aidas decided to continue the activity outside, with mud. He's such a creative little genius! He figured Noah would enjoy being painted as well. He was wrong.

Here the kids are playing dress-up and pretending to eat cake at a party. They invited their newly created caterpillars to their party. Unfortunately, for the caterpillars, this also meant ripping off their googly eyes and taking out their antennae. Nobody really talks about this phenomenon regarding toddlers and crafts. But it's true. They destroy their crafts almost immediately after having made them. 

Mud, again. This time they made lovely mud pies and mud soup. I am very thankful our superintendent didn't come upon this scene. Somehow I think she would have been less than thrilled! 

Okay, now for the cutest thing EVER! Lucas, Maya and Noah decided to start up a band one morning before the other kids arrived.

As you can see in the photo above, they set up their entire audience of Mickey Mouse and Simba. Actually, these two are groupies. They come to all their performances. 

Later that day, we took all the booster seats down from the chairs and played "bus". This later turned into "train", "boat", and "plane". We pretended to fly to England, where Lucas and Maya will be moving to in the fall. Maya showed me her new home, which very much resembled Noah's bedroom.

Lucas and Maya were away on vacation this week. Having only 3 kids meant we were much more mobile, since all 3 of them could fit in the wagon. One day we went to Vine Parkette (Choo Choo Playground). I am very proud of B. this week. He has gotten over his fear of the wading pool, and swings. It just means he is able to enjoy more on our outings. Aidas is still afraid of swings this summer. Last summer he loved them and couldn't get enough "under doggies". I'm sure he'll come around, in time, just like B. did.

We all shared Popsicles on our way home. I had to make a stop the grocery store as well. They are so good whenever I have to run an errand and we have to wait in line. Yes, even when they don't have Popsicles! People always comment on how patient they are. They are such angels, sometimes!

Another day, we traveled to Chapter's book store in Bloor West Village. The kids played with the Thomas the Tank Engine train table, read books, and played with puppets. Afterwards we went to Pizza Pizza and got pizza squares for lunch.

We were also able to visit the Ontario Early Years Centre this week. We haven't been there since the fall, so it was nice to see the staff there after such a long time. The staff, too, were happy to see how Aidas and Noah have grown into little boys. Our biggest adventure of the week was a trip to the beach, but I will devote a separate blog post for that!

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