Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Fun at Sunnyside Beach

Last Thursday I took 3 of the kids to Sunnyside Beach. Maya and Lucas were on vacation, which meant I could fit the other 3 kids in the wagon. Actually, I was also able to fit one of the heavier bags in the wagon. (Thank goodness, since it's a long walk from our apartment to the beach!)

B. was a little bit apprehensive of the water at first. Every time I dipped my feet in, he would nervously say "Miss Charla..." (This is what the twins call me so he's caught on to that.) Noah and Aidas were all over it like white on rice, but it was a little choppy, so I preferred to hold their hands when they stood in the shallow part.

B. soon faced his fears and found himself enjoying the water as well. Aidas was intrigued by the way the waves could carry things away. He threw his stick in the water and then, in a worried tone, asked me if I could get his stick back. Immediately after I retrieved it for him, he threw it in again. His mother later likened this to someone trying to play fetch with a dog. Also, he apparently later gave his mother what she likes to call the "Critical Incident Debriefing". He was concerned about a toy he had lost to the waves, so I guess he threw more than a stick in the water!

We had a picnic lunch on the beach, and then got right back to playing. The kids loved when we all held hands and walked in after a receding wave singing "I was walking down the street one day", and then tried to run back out before the wave "caught" us. Noah enjoyed doing his usual song and dance while Aidas and B. made delicious sand pancakes for me.

Next, we visited the playground at the west side of the beach. Aidas and B. mastered rock climbing. B. was really enticed by all the climbing structures we don't see at the playgrounds we normally visit. Really, these structures are designed for kids much older than these three, but that didn't stop B. from attempting much of it. It was a little unnerving, but I managed to keep him safe while letting him practise his ever increasing gross motor abilities.

Meanwhile, Noah and Aidas enjoyed a dip in the wading pool adjacent to the playground. They all eventually came back together to play as a group. In the bottom right picture they are playing "bus", which of course always turns into "airplane", or "train", or "boat".

The kids relished an ice cream (or in Aidas's case, Popsicle) treat as we headed over to the other playground at the east side of the beach. B. took his time, slowly savoring his ice cream. This was too much for Aidas to endure, and after having finished his Popsicle, and he thought it completely justified that he should have B.'s ice cream sandwich. B. quickly clarified whose ice cream it was.

They didn't spend any time at the actual playground at the east side. (It paled in comparison to the playground they had just visited.) But they were absolutely delighted by the giant dinosaur structures! At their size, the kids were only able to climb onto the tail of one of the dinosaurs. Or so I thought. Shortly after these pictures were taken, when Aidas and Noah were in the wading pool directly beside these structures, I looked over in horror to see B. scaling his way to the top of this dinosaur. I'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing, but I was not about to chance a concussion on my watch (even if I did just renew my "First Aid" license)! We really need to get this kid into gymnastics or acrobatics, or something! 

They all had a great time in the huge wading pool. Aidas and B. were proud to show off their "swimming" skills, which involve lying on their tummies in the water and moving their arms and legs. It was so cute, but I wasn't fast enough to capture it on film. 

Noah splashed around a little bit, but how did he spend most of his time? Yup! You guessed it. He performed his repertoire of songs for all those in the vicinity of the wading pool (whether they wanted it or not). I swear, if he doesn't end up being a singer or a musician, he's got to be a producer! Still, he's only coming up on 3 years old, so his interests could easily change with new experiences. And what rocks Aidas's world? Well, he maintains his passion for trucks and machines (especially emergency vehicles) and is especially captivated by "emergency situations". But he is also quite the little scientist. Whenever we are outdoors, he is exploring with sticks, mud, and rocks. Or he is discovering insects. He has such an eye for spotting the tiniest items of interest in his environment. Often, I must quickly confiscate these items and whip them quickly into the nearest bush. I believe "curious" is his real middle name.

There is such beauty in all the children's distinct personalities, and it is fascinating to observe their different preferences. Watch out world. Here they come!!!

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