Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cool Kids

We went out in the pouring rain one day last week. It's summer (and thus warm enough) and there was no thunder, so it was perfect weather to play in the rain. The kids had a ball! See for yourselves. (This video cracks me up every time. I think B. is shaping up to be a superhero. His strength is off the charts! Remember, he's only 2.5 years old!)

Most of the kids like to walk when we return inside from our outings, rather than ride in the wagon. They love to play this game every time: They run ahead of me towards the apartment and hide behind the wall. Then I act very worried, or sad, that I have lost them. Here they are playing the game, looking like drowned rats.

Another day last week, one of my coworkers from the school I used to work at came for a visit with her little guy, Logan. He's only 18 months old, but he fit in with the gang just fine. Whenever Aidas couldn't immediately see him, he's say, "Where's Lola?" I wish I had taken more pictures than this, but I was too busy chatting with my friend Tara to spend time taking photos. Still, you can see that he is a beautiful little guy! It was a short, but sweet visit, and we all hope they come again soon!

We visited Annette Street Library on Friday, hoping the drop-in program would be open. I knew there was a chance it would not be running, since the lady who runs the program was planning on running it outdoors at a park on a few Fridays during the summer. Since we didn't have the schedule, we chanced it, and found out when we got there that this was indeed one of the days they were off to the park. So, we decided to go to the upstairs part of the library instead.

The kids had a great time reading books and playing with some toys they had out. Aidas loved colouring and completely filled his page with beautiful colours. Noah had 2 meltdowns: one while we were still in the library, and one just outside the library. And both were for the same reason: he didn't want to leave the library. You hear that, Mayor Ford? We love the library, and all that it has to offer. 

This week, we visited a play area across the street which we hadn't been to for a while. It was filled with beautiful flowers and plants, and the kids had fun exploring the area all over again. Noah is into wearing his firefighter hat as his sun hat, lately. His reasoning is that "It's cool" or "I look cool", basically parroting what I've said to him when he has it on. (I was shocked with these statements, since it's not like him to take my opinion into consideration!) 

They repeatedly play the same pretend scenario, in which they take a bus, plane or train to Ontario Place. Noah started this game after visiting Ontario Place on Canada Day, and all his friends seem to be completely on board with it, even though I don't think they've even been to Ontario Place! I guess it doesn't really matter, since they can all imagine roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and water slides.

And in case you didn't know, this is where the cool kids hang out. I am lucky to have gotten this shot. Maya is extremely difficult to photograph these days because she is in constant movement. Actually, it's not just that she's always moving, it's that she's moving so fast, like a busy little bumble bee! I try to get her to stop for a picture so I can capture her cuteness, but this is (understandably) not her top priority.

We visited Lithuania Park this week. The kids said that they did want to go to the wading pool this time. Maybe it was just getting too ordinary before and they needed a little break from it. It hadn't opened yet when we first got to the park, so the kids played at the playground for a while. This is them eagerly following me to the waiting pool once we noticed it had opened. I love the determination on Lucas's face!

They thoroughly enjoyed the water. Usually I have one kid or another wanting to go back to the playground, but they were all about the wading pool on this day. And I was so lucky too, because on this day they were all perfect little angels, listening to and following instructions. I certainly don't expect this from 2-year-olds, but boy am I grateful when it happens! And yes, I praised them to no end about their stellar behaviour. Maya is such a mother hen sometimes. She helped me retrieve articles of clothing when I was getting them all dressed afterwards. Then, on her own volition, she got everyone's shoes and brought them to the group.

One thing we are dealing with in great numbers lately, are falls resulting in scraped knees. I believe this is part of their initiation into the next phase of childhood. I really cannot call them toddlers for much longer!

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