Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Oscar Joins the Daycare

We had an 8-month-old baby join the daycare last week. In preparation, I brought the exersaucer and high chair up from storage, and combed the apartment for little toys that could cause choking. I ordered child-proofing supplies, since the wear and tear on most of the previous ones installed for Noah have rendered them useless.

Baby Oscar is an absolute sweetheart. It is as if this kid was made for this daycare! He is just already so patient when I need to do things for the other children. I would expect far more fussing from a baby, but he seems to be such a tough little guy; a real trooper!

The transition from mommy to daycare seems to be going pretty smoothly, with the exception of sleep. It's not that he has trouble sleeping here, it's just that he needs more of it than the other guys. So, we are trying to figure out a sleep schedule that works both for him and fits into the daycare schedule. I tried getting him to nap in the stroller while the others played outside late in the morning, but to no avail. He is determined to keep up with the older boys.

And how are the big boys relating to the baby? Definitely better than I expected. I thought they would be mowing him down as they drove their cars, bikes or trucks around the apartment. Actually, this was my biggest concern with Oscar joining the daycare; his safety in the company of the big boys. However, they are really heeding my direction in regards to the safety of the baby.

Oscar helps Noah and Simba with a puzzle.

The big boys are also learning how to understand and relate to someone who is so behaviourally different (eating/moving/communicating-wise) from them. Speaking of moving though, it is amazing how much more mobile Oscar is this week compared to last week. Whereas last week he mostly stayed put on his belly, this week he is crawling like a pro, usually in an attempt to play with the boys. Nothing like the motivation of playing with the "cool group" (read: older group) to get a baby going!

As for the exersaucer, I don't know who's having more fun with it, the baby or the big kids! I thought it was adorable that Aidas gave his little doggie a ride in it, and also brought it toys and water.

This is another game that has become quite popular over the course of the week. One guy crawls under the exersaucer and sticks his head up through the seat, often exclaiming "I can't see!" I had to ban it when other game players then tried to turn the seat, or push the other's head back down, or just fought over who's turn it was to crawl under.

All in all, a good couple of weeks of transition!

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