Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good-Bye Party for Lucas and Maya

Friday was Lucas and Maya's last day at the daycare. Their family is moving to England in a few months. It is sad that they will be too far away for even the occasional play date, but we are also excited for them and their future adventures, and we are happy to have shared their company for the past year. In recent weeks, we have been reading books from the library about England and discussing the things they might see and do there. And on Thursday, we had a good-bye party for them.

  We had lots of decorations and balloons for everyone to play with.

Although B. and Aidas had not joined us yet, we got started, making Smartie cookies first thing in the morning. Maya, Noah and Lucas took turns adding the ingredients, even cracking the eggs, with a little help! All this turn-taking took extra time. By the time I put the dough in the oven, I thought the kids would be itching to stretch their legs, so I told them they could play until the cookies were ready. No: they wanted to wait. I guess they were afraid they would miss out!

Well, it was worth the wait. The cookies were delicious, and we had plenty to share with family and friends.

After naps, Noah and I gave a present to Lucas and Maya: a photo book filled with memories from the past year (captions included). Actually, I made two copies of the photo book; one for them, and one for us to keep at the daycare. Lucas and Maya really seemed to like their gift. I thought it was big enough that they would be okay sharing it, and they were at first. But then a squabble arose about who got to turn the pages, so they had to take turns with the book instead. 

Luckily, we still have the twins in the neighbourhood for a little while. We plan to have play dates while we can, and hope that they will be able to attend Noah's birthday party as well. Good-bye Lucas and Maya. You have been with us one full year, during which time you have been a complete delight! We will all miss you dearly.

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