Friday, September 23, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party!

On Saturday, September 17th, we held a kids birthday party for Noah. Lots of his current and past daycare buddies attended. We were also lucky to have 2-year-old Hollis attend, whom Noah hasn't seen since his 2nd birthday party! For the first little while the kids were given different game or activity options. Above, the twins and Noah are making Nutrio (like Cheerios) bracelets, using thin shoelaces. (My mom used to have us make Cheerio necklaces at my old birthday parties.) I think the maximum amount of Nutrios that any of the kids had the patience to bead onto their shoelace was 5. Because of this we promptly tied them on their wrists so that they could sport 5-Nutrio bracelets. (And of course these 5 were quickly eaten!)

We were also very successful with "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". Noah, Lucas, Maya and Hollis were all brave enough to give it a try. It was one of the cutest things I had ever seen!

Next, we tried bowling. I bought this game at Party Packagers, specifically for the party. The kids (most having not tried bowling before) obviously had no idea about the rules, and simply tried knocking them down with their hands at first. Marlaine (Lucas and Maya's mother) was instrumental in the success of this game. She advised me to place a piece of tape a little ways away, so that the kids knew where to stand. She also made the set-up between turns far easier by taking 4 pins out of the game. It was nice to have a helper!

We also had large pieces of plain paper stuck to the windows, and lots of crayons. Not many of the kids noticed, or had the time to take part in this activity though. The balloons were much more fun!

Noah also had his big sister Emily, and older brother Jacob (who made a special return from the University of Waterloo), along with Jacob's girlfriend Monica (whom Noah is also very fond of) there to celebrate with him.

We made the meal preparation exceptionally easy this time: we didn't do it. For lunch, we had pizza delivered from Pizza Pizza. We didn't even worry about calling for it once the party started. Instead, we ordered it the night before and arranged for it to be delivered at a specific time.

My friend Kirstin, who co-owns the company "Yummy Mummy Cupcakes", made Sesame Street cupcakes for Noah's party. Noah had chosen these after looking through the various creations Kirsten and Tarra had showcased on their website. They were, as always, delicious. 

I had to make the three pictures above as big as possible, since they are my absolute favourites. This was also my favourite part of the party. Seeing how happy Noah was when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him was the best thing in the world. It was one of those special moments you never want to forget. I love my baby - I mean - big boy! 

Next, it was time for opening cards and presents. He got some amazing gifts: Dora Eye Spy Game, Animal Domino Game, Candyland, T-Pain Microphone, Cement Mixer Truck, and a motorized Thomas the Tank Engine (with track and crane). 


His friends helped him introduce some of the toys to their new home. It was, in my opinion, a very successful party. Lots of fun was had by all (or at least I hope)! Happy Birthday, Noah!

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