Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Kickers

Leila started "Little Kickers" soccer last week! It's a fantastic program for beginning soccer stars.

And there's a big bonus for Leila; Thomas is in her class! (For those of you who have just begun following this blog, Tom was in the daycare from the age of 1 until 4. He's a school boy now, so it's great to see him when we can! He is also Drew's big bro.)

Little brother, Drew, was on the sidelines, cheering them on; except when he wasn't on the sidelines. I think we have a little Pele!

We went to Indian Road P.S. again this week. Gym time is the best!

Noah is of course, at school all day. When he gets home, he always gets straight to his homework. Part of his homework is to read aloud to a parent every day, so sometimes we all gather on the couch while Noah reads to us.

We busted open the Valentine's bin! Leila and Maryam helped put up the window clings.

We also made Maryam's cake for her birthday next week. Leila cracked 2 eggs ALL by herself, without getting any shells in the bowl! She's a natural. ;)

And Maryam was so sophisticated for an almost 2 year old. She calmly held the bowl and stirred.

Really, I expected a few more accidents during this activity, so I was pleasantly surprised at their poise.

All poise is off for the licking of the bowl though. :)


Noah loves his hockey game. On his P.A. day Friday, he brought it out to play with Leila. Drew wasn't sure how to play, but improvised.

It was reminiscent of him at "Little Kickers". He knows how to get into the game.

This worked better for Leila and Noah. ;) Maryam is busy doing a Hello Kitty stick-on sheet in the background.

The icing of Maryam's cake!

They were allowed to lick a spoon with icing, once we were done with that part. Maryam wisely attempted to use the spoon to dig out some more icing and cake for herself.

I just love her icing mustache!

Drew discovered he was missing out on something. At this point though, I had to move the cake and finish the Smartie decorating on my own. There were too many greedy hands! The cake is now ready for Maryam's birthday on Tuesday. On Monday (tomorrow), it's Drew's birthday, and we'll be having mini cupcakes! Lots of celebrating this week!

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