Friday, January 15, 2016

Pajama Day

Winter is an especially great time to head to drop-in centres. This past Monday, we visited the drop-in at Annette Street Public Library.

Painting, play dough, and snack! Even Drew sat at the snack table (assisted).

Then it was time for music circle. Maryam was so into it she left the comfort of our little group and sat right in front of the teacher! I already have visions of how awesome a student she'll be when she eventually starts school.:)

This may be my 4th or 5th video of kids doing "Sleeping Bunnies", but it's just so sweet, I know I'll do it again. haha!

Not sure which the kids enjoy more: the parachute or the bubbles afterwards. This really is a GREAT drop-in program. We are fortunate to have it in our community.

With the onset of the snow, we made some snow paintings this week.

And, of course, we went out to enjoy the snow!

It was the perfect day! The temperature was just right.

And the snow was falling most of the time we were out there: beautiful.

Even Drew went down the little hill in the sled. He seemed to like it. Maryam, Dea and Leila all loved it!

Finally Leila gets to do her snow angels!

Gotta love Maryam, rice cake in hand. :)

We made a little snow house with a doorway. We didn't quite have enough snow to make the walls very high, but it was a great little house for little munchkins!

Maryam spent a lot of time in it. Her love of this snow house was reminiscent of her love of the leaf beds in the fall.

No more monkeys jumping on the couch! Never mind, jump away, kids. Seize the day! lol

Drew is becoming FAR more comfortable at the daycare. I love when children start to see the daycare as their second home. That's when their learning and experiences become that much richer.


Here are the big girls playing around with the My Little Pony game.

Trying to build the rainbow...

And get it to stay standing up!

I call this artistic photo "Girl in a bin". It's deep.

Braving the cold on a very chilly day this week!

We also went to the Indian Road Public School drop-in this week. The girls had a great time in the gym!

I was holding Drew for the entire gym time, which is why he's not in the photos. It can be a dangerous place in there for teeny ones!

Oh, and Amadea is now in Australia, and will be for the next few weeks. She is likely frolicking around on the beach with her cousins. Lucky girl!

The photo below was taken back in the classroom. Drew loved playing in the sand, but also saw it as a buffet and sampled a few times. Better than Noah, who tried to shovel sand into his mouth probably until he was 3! (He's off it now, and doing fine, btw.)

When Leila heard that Noah was having Pajama Day at school, she demanded to have it at the daycare. Great idea, Leila!

Right before the photo below was taken, Noah sneezed; right on Drew's head. Only at an unlicensed home daycare, folks. :)

Leila and Noah (the culprit) think it's hilarious. Drew is wondering what the heck just happened!

Leila wisely inches away from Noah. When it's safe, she returns to the photo shoot.

Maryam's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks (Drew's too, actually). We get very excited about these things, so we already have their gifts. Part of Maryam's gift was an umbrella, since she is so covetous of Leila's and Dea's umbrellas. When I saw that it looked a little rainy outside, I decided to let her enjoy it early. She loved it!

Actually, it didn't rain one single drop while we were out, but as if that matters! :) There were a few puddles - close enough.

She held on tight to that umbrella the. whole. time. I had to pry it out of her hands for a second when she wanted to get out of the wagon to walk, just so she wouldn't poke Drew in the eye, in the process. Wow, did she ever let me know how she felt about THAT! haha I put the umbrella back in her little hands and she was happy as pie. Sweetie!

Maryam's Minnie Mouse PJ's!

Here's to pajamas!

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