Friday, January 8, 2016

Sharing Toys

Leila has been excited to show and share her new Christmas toys. This was the top thing on her list, which she requested and received from Santa: The Barbie Car Wash.

Leila wasn't all that interested in putting the stickers on the car, but Dea sure was! It worked out perfectly. Maryam loved colouring the car and spraying the water on to wash it.

Although it's been somewhat cooler this past week than the rest of the winter, we are still getting quite spoiled!

Don't hate me, but the kids and I really would like some snow (even though we've been enjoying the relative warmth.) We're aching to build a snowman, to go sledding, and to make snow angels! Leila has been trying to make snow angels anyway. ;)

I know I say this all the time, but these are some of the cutest pictures I've ever gotten of the kids. This is another present of Leila's: a doctor's outfit. Leila and Dea split it up so they could both be doctors.

Oh. My. Goodness.

My husband asked if they proceeded to play doctor, or just walked around looking pretty, like on Grey's Anatomy. I gotta say, it was the latter. ;) Dea does occasionally like to give me needles in the back though.

Here we go again. I feel like I'm showcasing the gifts, and well, I guess I am! This is a tornado machine that Noah got from his Oma.

It makes the sound of the wind blowing, and you can control the speed.

I had already moved them far from any electrical outlets, so I was ready for the inevitable spill, but they miraculously didn't spill the whole container of water. I was pleasantly surprised. Next time, maybe. Haha

Drew is reacquainting himself with the daycare.

Isn't he gorgeous?

I notice he is pulling himself up to standing more, and using walkers to get around now and then. He has obviously made his new year resolution: learn to walk.

Okay, this is just getting silly now. Another gift. (We have a big family.) An Easy-Bake Oven!

The kids made teeny tiny cookies twice this week.

Leila just had to do it again when Amadea was present. (Smart girl, isn't she?)

We play house in this area of the park.

This is our couch, and we watch T.V. shows from it. One of the kids, usually Leila, acts out a show...or just dances around while I provide the commentary.

 This was not our creation but it looks like a camp fire!

Little Angel. That is all.

Another day, another gift to explore: the peg board.

We took a trip to No Frills this week. Maryam was pushing me to buy the blueberries. She brought them to me, and I handled that situation as I would deal with a madman holding a weapon - y'know..."Everybody stay calm...move back to the shelf slowly with that pack of blueberries."

I was successful cause no one called for a clean-up in aisle 1.

Leila and Drewbie. Leila practised reading. She read the words "milk" and "old". Amadea is gaining reading skills too, but she is wary of attempting a word out loud for fear of failure. We don't push it, just encourage. I can see the wheels are turning with her, and that her reading skills are improving every week.

I praise her like crazy every time she tries.

Maryam had been dancing in the bread section of the supermarket, which prompted me to take this video. Instead, I got some awesome moves from Amadea! You go girl!

Three peas in a pod. ;)

That Maryam does love her underdoggies!

Modelling shoot of Amadea. I told her she was so cute in our hat that I wanted to take a picture of her. She held me to it. Til next time!

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