Thursday, February 4, 2016

Getting Messy

Caught your attention with that crazy photo? Let's move on.

We met Thomas at the skating rink, excited to encourage him on his first ever time on the ice. Well, guess what? He was going on his own within the first 5 minutes! We were all blown away! Go Thomas!

 We went to the Indian Road Public School Drop-in again this week. We made it in time for snack and circle time!

Leila and Maryam had fun exploring with Learning Materials after Music Circle.

Drewbaloo was under the weather, but still managed to explore the baby section.

Leila does puzzles (about 20 to choose from).

Leila was so precious with her shopping cart. She had two blankets to cover her baby with. It can get chilly in the dairy isle!

These two always love the sand table.

They also loved the water table. There are so many things to do there - it is so hard to leave!

And look at the cool kids we spotted in the kindergarten yard on the way out! Tom and his buddies! Tom kept saying, "Hi Drew!" like a proud big brother.

Wednesday we played in puddles, seeing as it was a balmy 14 degrees Celcius.

I kept sick Drew in with my helper and took just the two girls. They had a blast!

Closer to the end of our outside time, Maryam fell into a few puddles. Also, we didn't actually wear our mitts, but she did have her mittens hanging from the string inside her coat. I realized I should have tucked them into her jacket a little too late (but I did get ONE in time!). Every time she grabbed something from or near the puddle, her one mitten got dunked again. That string was hanging pretty low by the end of our time outside! It makes me laugh, even now.

Early on, we made a pretend birthday cake with mud. Maryam clutched it close to her the WHOLE TIME.

Leila usually isn't into playing in the mud and puddles, but she was on this day! She had a blast! Neither of them wanted to come in, but with each consecutive stumble Maryam had into a puddle, I knew I had to drag them in anyway. She had her rain pants on, but they're not meant for swimming. ;) The laundry was insane Wednesday night!

Here's a video of our messy adventure.

I bet you wish you had a dress that lights up, like Leila's does. ;)

The kids helped make dinner: pizza! Here they are playing with flour before we really got started.

It's fun to finger paint with!

Leila demanded to wear her light-up Cinderella dress to make the pizza. She's got princess dresses I have to hand-wash, but this one can only be wiped (very carefully) with a soapy cloth. I'm thinking that by the time she wears it for her very special princess lunch at Cinderella's castle at Disney World, it may not be looking so pretty. :) It will, however, look well loved.

Take it away, Maryam!

We moved closer together for this part.

What great helpers I have!

This guy was just too snotty to be touching the pizza. Poor little sick dude. He seemed pleased to eat some Mozarella cheese and watch the gang.

Everyone at some of the cheese; a LOT of the cheese. (You try to stop those little hands!) And some of the sauce. Yep, there probably was some saliva that went into the making of this pizza. We just decided to arbitrarily draw the line at snot. Okay, I might be grossing some of you out, but this pizza was for us, and we were okay with these parameters. :) Noah likes pepperoni (turkey), but the girls don't, so we did half and half. Bottom line, this pizza was AMAZING! Good job, kiddos!

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