Friday, February 26, 2016

Fruit Loops

There was a party going on at the Annette Street Library Drop-In on Monday! They were celebrating Black History month with great tunes!

Leila got right into the groove.

The music being played was accompanied by a man from St. Kitts, playing a steel drum. So cool!

And then they ordered pizza for the whole group! Bonus!

Even Drew sat up at the table with everyone (with me as a spotter, of course).

The girls had fun dressing up afterwards.

Amadea had arrived at the daycare after I had packed the hats and mitts in the bag that day. I usually get them on in the lobby, so they don't get too hot. So it was in the lobby that I realized I hadn't added her hat to the bag. I was going to go back up and grab it, but she was happy to wear these bunny ears (which double as tights for Leila). Also, on the way home, she wanted to carry her Care Bear in her coat, like her mommy carries her baby brother. Is she not the sweetest thing? The next day, she did almost the same, but wanted her stuffed animal facing inward, which was exactly how mommy carries her brother.

We went to the school this week again. Drew discovered the mirror. He's wondering who that adorable baby is!

The girls created new menus this week. I asked them what they wanted to call their restaurants. Leila said, "Pizza". I said, "Pizza Restaurant? Pizza Palace?" She settled on Pizza Palace. Dea said she wanted to call her restaurant "Mommy". "Okay," I said. "Mommy's Restaurant it is!" She clarified: "But not other mommies. Just my mommy."

So, "My Mommy's" it was. Hey, it's original!

And here are the insides. We have yet to add the prices.

Leila made a beaded necklace with her name today. She had to find the right letters first.

After outside time, Amadea decided she wanted to make a necklace too, but out of Fruit Loops. And so, we did!

Modelling their new jewelry. :)

Daycare selfie time!

Drew has been walking 4-5 steps on his own! Often, he will hitch a ride on one of the girls. This is hilarious! Complete with crisis over the possibility that he might also steal Dea's new necklace. :)

And here he is hugging Leila. I think he's trying to sneak some Fruit Loops off her at the same time. He often will sit on Leila's lap. He's very comfortable with her. I think he thinks she works here. Sometimes I think she works here too! I LOVE these guys!!

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